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Rumour: Mario Party 11 Apparently Coming To Switch In 2019

There’s a rumour floating around online that ND Cube are busy developing Mario Party 11 for the Nintendo Switch. The game won’t be ready for release until next year. Of course this is a rumour, so we don’t know for sure, but it’s inevitable that Mario Party will make an appearance on Nintendo’s latest platform.




  1. In the destructive path that Mario Party is walking it will be best if they stopped making this games as they have become irrelevant since Party 9 arrived with its horrible 90% luck based concept and lack of Power Stars to buy.

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      1. And complete luck based shit. I want the old chaotic but fun formula back. Get rid of the fucking car, the dumb boring minigames and more importantly, NO MORE AMIIBOS.


    1. Judging by the sales of Mario Party, don’t count on it. Even though Mario Party 10 was pretty lack luster MP10 still sold really well for Nintendo.

      I enjoy the older MP games and hope MP11 returns to the formula that made the series so much fun.

      Just have to wait and see the direction Nintendo takes with MP11. Until then I will personally be excited for MP11 announcement.

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      1. My favorite Mario Party games were Mario Party 2 and Mario Party 3. In second place Mario Party 5, 1 and 6. As for third place were Party 4 and 7. Since I haven’t played Party 8 completely I don’t know were to put it.


  2. Inevitable I’m just surprised it’s next year thought it’d be a lock this holiday. My cube spending extra time and all these Nintendo games going back to basics, holding some hope


  3. I think all the money and resources that goes into making mario party games and sonic games should be bundled together and used for something useful like making a new FZERO maybe ( hint, hint ). Or just give it to charity.


  4. I have no faith in ND Cube. Since they ruined Mario Party 9 and 10. They need to go back to the Mario Party 2 formula. That game was SO FREAKIN’ FUN! I loved my button mashing skills being rewarded with the bonus stars at the end of each game. I nearly always won the award for the most coins earned in mini games. I was the champ.Those were the days. I want them BACK!

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  5. Hasn’t been a good Mario Party since GameCube. They might decide to make this one good because the Switch is focusing on gamers again in its development rather than whoever the new Mario Party games are supposed to be for. I don’t think children are a market that has to be specifically developed for with Nintendo franchises since kids will play either way and know a good game just as well as we all did when we were kids with a Nintendo platform.
    Mario Party was always great for everyone, changing the formula was unnecessary and has an adverse effect on its overall game design quality. This may be the generation they finally go back to what everyone wants.

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