Nintendo Switch

Rumour: Recent Registration Filed By Nintendo Could Point Towards A Possible Switch Revision

Nintendo is somewhat renowned for revising their hardware. Whether it be colour variations, improved specifications or special editions, Nintendo consoles never really see just one version of themselves getting released. Now some are speculating that the Nintendo Switch will be no different.

GameFaq member ORANGE666 spotted that Nintendo registered ‘HAT-001’ today. To make things a little clearer, Nintendo had registered ‘HAT-002’ quite some time ago which resembles a portable development version of the Switch console similar to the design of what we have today. And to put things into perspective, usually, Nintendo uses ‘001’ to signify a consumer console as it was used for the DS, 3DS and Wii U. The current retail version of the Switch is HAC-001 and the dock is HAC-007 so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see if this new registration points towards a revision or new colour of the Nintendo Switch.

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  1. It is more likely a color change or bigger battery or possibly more internal memory. It would be absolutely stupid for them to have a legit hardware change at this point where developers are just picking it up.

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  2. All I know is that if it’s a different colour I’ll buy it because I’m an idiot who has:

    1) Very little self-control
    2) Less sense with even lesser money
    3) Because Nintendo.

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    1. The naming of the different products seems to suggest HAT is the marker for the development SKU and HAC is the marker for the consumer SKU. All consumer elements (Joy-Con, Pro Controller, Dock, Power adapter etc. have this HAC marker. So the fact that this is a HAT marker in the model number/code suggest this is related to the EDEV unit or development in general.

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    2. Ah, just found out, HAT-001 is the SDEV developer kit. It probably wasn’t yet registered in Korea because Nintendo is limiting access to that dev kit (the one with debug functions and more). I thought it was strange already that the number was going down to 1 instead of up. This has nothing to do with a consumer version, let alone a revision.

      HAT-001 is the SDEV kit.
      HAT-002 is the EDEV kit.

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  3. GameFAQs is unreliable, as towards any orher user-generated content like Nintendo Everything. The internet is (and still is) a bad factor in relevant and precise information.

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  4. Color change or size isn’t necessary. What is necessary is a new processor chip (X2 or X3), new battery cell to double, almost triple the battery life if possible, built-in Microphone and maybe a camera or two.

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      1. Here’s an idea: Get rid of the dock/HDMI from it’s package. Bam. It’s $219.99 on the fly but with a new Tegra processor, mic/camera and battery, it’ll be $250. Still affordable.


  5. Maybe HAT-001 is a new Mario cap? I’m kidding of course. Regardless of what it really is, I doubt that they will be making a big revision on the Switch. It’s selling too well and has not been out long enough to warrant anything more then a new splash of paint. And with the Joycons coming in so many colors, I find a redecorated Switch also unlikely. Plus if HAT-002 was for a developmental version of the Switch, then HAT-001 may be another developmental product that we may not ever see.
    However, I could be completely wrong and eating my words later, we’ll see.


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