Nintendo Switch

Here Are The New Features And Improvements For The Switch Version Of Typoman

The launch of Typoman for Nintendo Switch is right around the corner and the developer has outlined what extras and improvements the Switch version of the title will bring. The title originally launched on Wii U and went down well with many players but the Switch version is already sounding like a major improvement. From puzzle enhancements to collectables, the revised edition is sure to appeal to fans and newcomers alike.

Check them out below:

– Added 2x mini games
– Added story quotation collectibles
– Added a huge number of fun reaction words that changes your character (e.g. HAT, SPIDER etc)
– Improved visuals (sprites, animations, character presentation, cinematic scenes, lighting, particle effects)
– Added a large number of solution words to each puzzle
– Improved the final boss battle (A-Bombs attacks, more variations of ‘good’ words, damage indicator)
– Major improvement to the WORDSCRAMBLER which now detects all letters that are near your character
– Improved balancing of many platforming sections
– Replaced or enhanced some of the weaker or more frustrating puzzles

Typoman for Nintendo Switch launches February 22nd.




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