Rita Ora Joins The Cast Of The Detective Pikachu Movie

Rita Ora, singer and actress, joins the ever-growing cast for the upcoming Legendary Entertainment’s live-action movie Detective Pikachu. She’ll be joining the likes of Ryan Reynolds and Suki Waterhouse for the much-anticipated film that is set to release in May of next year. Her role in the movie is being kept under wraps for now.




    1. I am interested so far the movie. I’m not historically a fan of Pokemon but this piqued my interest. Something new to read about. However, if the trailer is bad I will be turned off really fast.
      Game not so much. I was interested at first and then I did more research and was kinda ehhhh


    2. Like Five Nights at Freddy’s, I’ll probably never play the game but I’m definitely down for seeing a movie based on it.


  1. You KNOW she’ll probably either have one of her songs featured in the film or she’ll make a new song specifically for the film.


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