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Capcom: “Considering Various Conditions, Now It Is Difficult To Put Out Monster Hunter World For Switch”

It is no secret that a lot of fans want to see Monster Hunter World on the Nintendo Switch. The fan demand is so great that Capcom President Haruhiro Tsujimoto is aware of it, and Tsujimoto made that all too clear in an interview with Toyo Keizei. It isn’t the first time that Capcom has had to talk about it, and it won’t be the last. Here’s what Tsujimoto said about a Switch version of the game:

“We recognize that there is such demand. However, considering various conditions, now it is difficult to put out Monster Hunter World for the Switch. The Switch is different from other stationary machines both in functions and users. Each game machine has its own characteristics, and our software makers need to make software adapted to it. How to adapt game titles possessed by our company, including Monster Hunter, is to be studied in the future.”




    1. Purely technical my ass I don’t think so,capcom are so full of shit.No wonder some people call them crapcom instead it’s because of their bullshit,I’m so fed up of their damn excuses.Well capcom if you don’t want my money screw you idiots!!!!

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      1. well, for me, I think it is impossible to port a game this level to the Switch. Did you see the graphical level of this game? Compare it with xenoblade 2 I’m not bashing Xenobalde 2 (in which I’m freaking loving it) but the difference is giant. And the Switch is a Tablet..

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      1. No, I’ve actually done it a couple of times. I’m surprised over everyone is like “Switch is the ONLY stationary and portable gaming console”. No, it isn’t. It’s the best one with the best solution. Not the only one

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      1. I thought you were talking about Super Mario World. lol But yeah, port the goddamn XX game already. It’s gonna hurt World the slightest because all 3 platforms have it and XX is a different game.


    1. Speak for yourself some people do care you know like myself.Capcom or should I say crapcom are full of excuses.There’s clearly a very high demand for the game so why not give it to us switch owners.Capcom are morons for not bringing the game to the switch because they’re losing out as it’ll make them loads of money.It seems they don’t like money their loss the idiots.


    1. actually it was more of sony paying them…that was in an news outlet I think. kotaku or something other…I forget which but it was said sony pulled the stops for XX coming to the west and not put world on the switch…in fact they are now having “early access” to a event hunt for horizon dawn gear for the palicos for the sony only version of monster hunter world…”get to hr 11 and you can access to “the proven” to get your gear from horizon dawn armor and weapons”. that I saw on twitter. sony still trying to pull the “I’m ahead of you” game…in other words, they are now scared of nintendo switch and xbox one x because both are outselling them as of now.

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      1. Sony scared of the XBox One X? *snickers* Being afraid of the Switch is something I can believe, though. (Least to a degree.) As for the Sony stopping MHXX for Switch’s localization, wasn’t that just a rumor? If someone revealed it’s true, I’d sure like to see such an article as I’m honestly curious.


    2. Nope capcom are just full of excuses I’m tired of their bullshit.They helped nintendo to make the switch more powerful so they could port resident evil 7 to it. Apparently they got resident evil 7 running on the switch but decided not to make the game on the switch afterall.Then they said they don’t have time to make games for the switch then they do.I can’t believe anything they say anymore,I’m not surprised some people call them crapcom the way they treat their fans.


  1. These conditions are certainly business driven. It’s well known that Nintendo was left out of the loop until development was well underway and that Sony had brokered this situation behind closed doors.


    1. MHW has been in dev at the same time MH4 (the base one not 4U) was in dev. They already had the specs of Xbox One and PS4 in mind. and the game already struggles on Xbox One with 872p and frequent drops to 20-25fps. Only way they culd get the game to work on Switch is bring back segmented zones but then tht wuld defeat the purpose of the game. So it was already too far in development to go back.

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      1. I don’t think you’ve been seeing Monster Hunter World on a truly capable screen than as the game looks incredible on my Samsung 4K TV. A Switch version would need a lot more work than you think.


  2. MH: World is the fastest selling game that Capcom has ever released and it’s the monster Hunter game fans have deserved for years. Say what you want about portability but the 3DS was really holding the series back. Hell even the Japanese market got over it and are having LAN parties with their PS4s.


    1. Not really… It was Capcom that didn’t know how to bring Monster Hunter effectively to the west. Remember it started on PS2 and then PSP..
      Capcom held themselves back by not really considering western consumers. MHW is them doing things right.
      The only reason why this game is not on Switch is that development started long before the Switch was born. Other MH games might show up for Switch later in its lifespan.

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      1. MH World is them doing things right…except neglecting Nintendo out of the loop since they’re the ones who help broaden the fan base further as well as reviving RE a couple of times and how did they thank them? Come on, guess…

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    2. I remember they made Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii in particular because they didn’t yet have the knowhow or money to develop a ‘next gen’ engine and still produce a game that could cover those costs and make a profit on top of that. SD for them was cheap, they were experienced and the sales went directly into their pockets. The 3DS didn’t hold them back, the amazing sales of MH from Tri up to Cross directly funded the development that eventually became World.

      TLDR: MHWorld exists because of the 3DS, and wouldn’t have otherwise.

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      1. In other words, Nintendo, once again, help build up Capcom from MegaMan to RE and now MH. Yet, they always fuck them over from neglecting better games from the fans as their thank you for being their scapegoats.

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  3. I’d honestly prefer Dauntless over Monster Hunter World because I really got bored with the game just after an hour. It’s just so boring and the servers in the UK and Europe kind of suck, especially trying to communicate with your friends and play with them is a headache. Dauntless is a PC exclusive, but it’s doesn’t look graphically intensive and I think would work better on Switch than Monster Hunter World.


      1. I feel that a lot of the newer Monsters are kind of copy and paste of older monsters and sometimes they’re just pallet swaps of other monsters. Difficulty spike tends to go way too high even when you’re at a decent level and I barely got online because of poor connection despite being wired directly to my router.

        Overall I just got bored over about 2 hours and I just played Ape Escape 2.. Dauntless on the other hand really has my interest, especially with the much faster pace action that World failed at with it feeling slightly slower than the other Monster Hunters. Dauntless also has a good variety of Monster that actually do feel like Monsters instead of just Dinosaurs. Plus, it’d suit the Switch, same with Fortnite, I prefer the more colorful graphics, fast pace gameplay and no boring story that drags on even at the beginning.


  4. Each game machine has its own characteristics
    Hmm sony and microsoft dont have anything innovative and the power is almost the same so basically they are both the same with different exclusive


  5. Considering how to make quick buck for other projects not coming to Switch?
    Though can’t really think of any Capcom game that I really wan’t.


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