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Australian Ratings Board Reveals Virtuos Developing Dark Souls Remastered On Nintendo Switch

It would appear as though Chinese company Virtuos are handling the Nintendo Switch version of the upcoming Dark Souls Remastered. The news was uncovered via the Australian Ratings Board. The team also produced L.A Noire on the Nintendo Switch.


      1. There are many ways to play these games and you use weapons around whatever particular build you are going for like magic, dexterity, heavy weapons etc. My favorite is using the Ultra Great Swords which are extremely heavy and you will swing very slow but do a ton of damage. The combat requires a more methodical approach, swinging when you have and opportunity and rolling when necessary is key. If you go in this game expecting it to play like bayonetta or a warriors game you’re gonna have a bad time. As far as music, in most of the areas its mostly all ambient noises, that is until you get to a boss which then it plays an epic, dark, vocal orchestral song that just raises the tension even more and makes for an epic fight every single time.

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      2. It’s definitely not a game for those of us that love to be on the offensive a lot. Or for those of us with a short, explosive temper. I’m both! xD So no Dark Souls for me! ESPECIALLY after I’ve played Ninja Gaiden 3 on the Wii U! No more challenging, bordering on masochistic, games for this guy!


      3. The fighting is worthy of a fighting game, which is why it was for a time. The replayability and variety in play styles and approaches is bigger than most other games ever made – thanks in part to having several classes and infinite new game plusses ng+, ng++, ng+++ and so on. You may have played its clone monster hunter, from which you’ve seen some aspects they have going in this like weapon classes having unique move sets, stamina and your management of it largely governing your options, status effects only happening once you max a bar, equipment not levels being the biggest governing factor in your capabilities or the kick emote having direct gameplay functionality.

        There is too much to this game to hope to describe in any number of forum posts, but being somebody who roleplays a nintendo military leader you might take to the quote most often said about the game (to be fair before botw released, but well after oot/mm/lttp)
        “It’s the best Zelda I have ever played”


  1. I played Souls on Xbox right before it really blew up. It’s such an amazing game. It took me hours to get past the Undead Burg (first “level”) and I loved every second of it. I’m seriously considering it for the Switch cause of the portability. Also I never beat it. It’s one of those games where you get a big feeling of accomplishment just for getting past ONE enemy let alone whole levels and bosses. Just a totally unique and revolutionary experience in modern games. Praise the sun, bro.

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      1. I spent all of my time on those Resident Evil movies and Wesker gets turned into someone’s little bitch/lapdog. Fuck that “Final Chapter” subtitle! I demand a fucking sequel that reveals the Wesker we saw die was a clone and the real Wesker was somewhere else as he was waiting for Alice to wipe out the remnants of the Umbrella Corporation!


    1. Some of the people complaining that the Warriors/Musou franchise is too easy (which isn’t exactly true as the game CAN be harder on harder difficulties; besides, Koei Tecmo has released plenty of games that are fucking maddeningly difficult as it is so Warriors is a nice break from those for some Koei Tecmo fans) might run back to those games after they’ve played a bit of Dark Souls. lol

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      1. I don’t mind it. Sometimes I just like to actually relax when playing games and these games do just that since there isn’t anything complicated about the gameplay. The only thing complicated about them is deciding what outfit I want my characters to wear when I use them for battle. Especially the ladies. lol


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