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Guilty Gear Director Debating About Bringing The Series To Nintendo Switch

Online gaming publication Destructoid recently had the opportunity to sit down with both Toshimichi Mori (Producer and BlazBlueseries creator), and Daisuke Ishiwatari (Director and Designer of Guilty Gear) to discuss the future of the Guilty Gear franchise. The site asked them whether they would be interested in bringing the series to the Nintendo Switch. Here’s their response.

“That’s a really good question. One of the goals for Guilty Gear is achieving high quality graphics. Specifically on that point the Nintendo Switch might not be a good match, but that’s not our final conclusion. We’re still working on that.”


9 thoughts on “Guilty Gear Director Debating About Bringing The Series To Nintendo Switch”

  1. Please, the game may use Unreal Engine 4, but it looks as bland as any game using that art style, the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games look 3x better and those run on the PS3. just say your company blows at optimizing.

    1. Are you fucking high? Guilty gear is just about the most lavishly stunning Fighting game there is with fighterz being the only contender.

      1. Only contended by themselves doing their same techniques again an another game. In short they’re unparallelled devs in the department.
        It’s unoptimized though, GGXrd (plus expansions), he’s not wrong about that. The PS4 chugs something fierce in a lot of situations where it thankfully doesn’t matter for gameplay.

      2. Not high. take Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, and add the facts that:

        -Is 3D free roaming
        -Destructive environment
        -interactive environment(aka running on walls, water effects)
        -Did I mention it looks BETTER

        I played the new Guilty Gear and is laughable how the characters in the background can’t even run in 30FPS, and the moving background in some areas look horrible.

        I am not saying the game is bad or anything but saying it looks amazing when clearly others have done far better when we speak in terms of technical faculties.

  2. Whas there to debate?
    Play gg on the go
    And why did he say achieving high quality graphic while the game it self is not graphically amazing

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