Nintendo Switch

There Are Some Physical Releases Of Bayonetta 2 That Have Invalid Bayonetta 1 Codes

Bayonetta 1 and 2 came out today on the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been a smooth experience for some. If you bought the physical release of Bayonetta 2, then you’ll also get a digital code for Bayonetta 1. Sadly, some gamers have discovered that their codes don’t work. It seems that most of the problems have to do with the codes starting with “URPH”. For example, a Reddit user says that “I decided to call Nintendo instead of driving all the way back to the Best Buy where I got my copy. According to the rep, he said that if the code starts with a URPH, it’s apparently not the correct code”.

There are also users reporting this problem from purchases they made from places such as Amazon and GameStop. If you are dealing with this problem, then it is suggested that you contact Nintendo’s customer support and get a new code. Nintendo America’s customer support number is 1-800-255-3700. Another Reddit user says that they “called Nintendo Support and they will give you a download code to replace the “URPH” dud. They stated it’s the control code, and they will translate it to the retail download code”. It will take you anywhere between 20 minutes to a few hours to sort out the problem and get a new code. It depends on the load that they are dealing with at that time, which has been fluctuating throughout the day.




    1. Only on Nintendo (so far) is buying digital a very huge hassle. On other systems and on PC, it’s not that bad and it makes room for stuff you CAN’T get digital, like amiibo. And most importantly: instant access to any digital games you have still installed on the system. It’s still a double edge sword on a rare occasion but definitely better than Ninty’s crappy attempts. (Will the introduction of paid online fix that? Only time will tell…)


  1. yea I got one with the “URPH” and contacted them. Took almost 20 min but they turned it into a working code and was pretty painless. Thanks Nintendo but make sure this doesnt keep happening. :P


  2. Thankfully I bought the Japanese Climax edition that has physical versions of both games, I buy physical every chance I get because of crap like this. Digital is garbage and you don’t actually own your digital versions, just stating that fact.


  3. Some of you been stuck with Nintendo for far too long if you really think digital is crap and physical is the only way. *shrug* Good thing I won’t have this issue if I ever get another Switch since I’ll most likely get them digitally. Here is hoping paid online changes how crappy some of Switch’s online features currently are.


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