Nintendo Switch

UK: FIFA 18 On Nintendo Switch Gets A 494% Sales Increase Thanks To Price Cut

The Nintendo Switch version of popular football sim FIFA 18 has received a 494% sales increase this week thanks to a price cut in the United Kingdom. Various retailers were selling EA’s football franchise for under £30, which Switch owners lapped up, and subsequently the game shot to number one in the UK charts.




      1. Nice try but the Switch CAN AND WILL MATCH the PS4 on a different spectrum if given enough effort in a game. “Less powerful” my ass and speaking of which, what is a PS4/XB1 compared to PCs of today…I rest my case.

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  1. Funny thing about this is all those people who get it cheap will suddenly realize that it’s actually really good. The negative stuff on this game when it was released was totally ott. It plays great on the switch.

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      1. I’m not but I know bullshit when I see it and anything from EA is bullshit like this port being rumored and even proven to be an older game ported over falsely titled as a new one.


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