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Japan: The Next Splatfest Has Been Announced

Japan’s next Splatfest has been announced. Japanese Splatoon 2 players will be able to choose between hana (flowers) and dango (dumplings) starting March 3rd at 15:00 JST. The Splatfest will then run for 24 hours. As for the theme, a Reddit user explained that it is about personality traits, as well as a reference to a Japanese phrase. Here is what the Reddit user said in full:

This theme is a reference to the Japanese phrase hana yori dango, meaning “dumplings over flowers,” referring to the person who prefers the practical over the aesthetic – also stated as function over decoration, substance over form, or value over appearance. So the question is asking, as a person, which do you prefer, or which do you choose? Are you the type of person who chooses the hana, flowers, or dango, or dumplings? The idiom stems from the type of people who attend hanami, flower viewing (e.g. sakura/cherry blossoms or ume/plum blossoms), who immediately go to purchase food from vendors instead of gazing at the flowers.

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