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ColorWare Reveals NES Themed 8-Bit Nintendo Switch Customised Controllers

ColorWare, which is a US accessory customisation company, have revealed these snazzy NES themed Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons and Pro Controller. The designs are painted and look like a must have if you want a unique set-up. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller costs $189 and the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con’s are $199. Colorware ships worldwide.



40 thoughts on “ColorWare Reveals NES Themed 8-Bit Nintendo Switch Customised Controllers”

      1. The elite controller actually adds to the already great XBO controller. These are just expensive because they’re painted, they add literally nothing to the joycon.

        Just wait a month or 2 and the guys at China will get these shells and sell them at a fraction.

          1. D pad, interchangeable sticks, paddles, and better build quality. And all without having to open the controller change anything.

            Let me guess, you’ve never even held one.

            1. So basically, it’s a custom tool set. Again, what’s significant about this $150 controller that didn’t even offer rechargeable batteries for a 2013 remote?

              1. It is still ass that it doesnt include a rechargable battery, but its not a deal breaker. Even without batteries, the controller is still functional using a usb cable, thats one part that everyone seems to look over, but yes. A controller with the option to snap on and off different sticks, dpads, and paddles to adjust to different play styles. I honestly think its worth it if youre onto different kinds of games. Change the sticks for shooters, dpad for fighters, and paddles for racers. Its also a lot cheaper thsn owning 3 seperate controllers with different and specifict functions.

                All and all the controller isnt for everyone and its also just another option. You can always just get the regular one for $60.

                1. Not a deal breaker? It is a nuisance that it didn’t come with any battery or built in ones and people say Nintendo are behind the times with game/console design?

                  1. Maybe to some, but that thing keeps selling extremely well, so its obviously not a deal breaker to everyone. As I said, you can just use it connected to a USB cable or get one off of ebay, theyre like $10.

      2. ” these fucking ripoff skins.”

        Low print run custom art electronics are expensive. Being expensive doesn’t make them a “rip off”. It’s not like they’re pocketing a 1000% profit margin. 50% margin on the product itself is fairly average, so if you figure $20 on materials, $200 is about right. I wouldn’t buy it myself, but it’s not like anybody is swindling you.

          1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

            You can’t compare the price of store brands to these. Store brands are made using machines that can do all of that in less time than it’d take for someone using their hands. These are made by hand which takes hours where as machines taken minutes. You have to also add in the time it takes the person to make it which also goes into the price. Why do you think those First 4 Figures go for hundreds of bucks? It’s not ripping people off but merely asking for money for all the blood, sweat, money, and tears they put into making that stuff by hand.

      3. “Rip off in price, not design dummy. XP”

        Then you got it backwards because it’s the custom fanmade shells that would sell them for $200, not Nintendo.
        Nintendo would sell them for $80 like they would with any Joy-Con pair.

        So who’s the bigger dummy, the dummy or the dummy who says “Nintendo would rip us off on Joy-Cons for $200”?

        1. I never said Nintendo would rip off on $200 customs you idiot. They never did that before. I’m talking about this fools trying to over charge a $80 Joy-Con pack for a goddamn custom shell.

      4. “Yes that is the case. I can find much cheaper alternatives on Amazon than this.”

        Do you mean yes it is the case that they’re swindling you? Because that’s quite ridiculous. Whether or not you can find a “cheaper alternative” has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not they’re offering a fair price. I can buy cheaper chinese made goods than domestic made goods, it doesn’t mean the domestic goods are cheating you. Prices can fluctuate for a lot of reasons. In particular here, most alternatives are decals you place on your existing joycons. That’s not remotely the same product.

        $100 (removing the cost of the base electronics) for a high end custom paint job is actually not that surprising.

  1. I think Nintendo will eventually produce themed Joycons. It would be stupid not to, there is great demand for it. Personally, I am not buying anything before there is one with a proper dpad.

      1. eh, I give it 18 months tops. There’s no way they’re not getting lots of d-pad feedback, and Nintendo’s never shied away from giving as many controller options as people will buy.

  2. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    I wouldn’t mind some SNES themed Joy-Cons. I might even prefer that over the neon green and neon pink ones.

    1. There’s a big difference between a vinyl skin and a high end custom paint job. Most quality paint jobs I’ve looked at for anything like this (instruments, war miniatures, etc) are expensive. It takes a lot of man hours and skill to do it right. I sure couldn’t do it.

      At $80 for joy-cons and cost of paint/brush use, you’re looking at $100 in materials alone. Paying someone $100 to disassemble and paint the entire thing seems reasonable if the end result is professional.

      1. I see. If Nintendo made them with the same paint that they do with normal joy cons, they would cost less than the ones that ColorWare are selling.

  3. These look amazing but not for $200. These aren’t official nor is a case design worth $140.

    You can buy cases all day and and just do these yourself.

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