Nintendo Switch

Hackers Trying To Bring Every Doom Game To Nintendo Switch

Hackers of the Nintendo Switch have one goal at the moment and that is to bring every DOOM title to the platform. They have now got DOOM 3 running on the platform and you can see a screenshot of it in action down below. The team managed to get the original DOOM up and running back in December 2017 and as Kotaku points out it’s often one of the first games to get ported to any new piece of technology. It will be interesting to see if they can achieve their goal.


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!



  1. Can we get some hackers to do the same for all four Panzer Dragoon games as well? Lately I’ve been wanting to really play every Panzer Dragoon game but can’t because there is literally no way to play any of them in any way, shape or form unless your filthy rich, which I’m not obviously.
    I’m dead serious, I really, REALLY want to play Panzer Dragoon right now, especially after watching Digital Foundry’s latest video showing gameplay of the first two games. Digital Foundry is planning a second video showcasing PD Saga and Orta and that’s going to drive me up the wall knowing I can NEVER play those games ever again!


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