Nintendo Switch

Wild Guns Reloaded Coming To The Nintendo Switch In April

The release period for Wild Guns Reloaded for the Nintendo Switch has been narrowed down as we have found out today that it’s set to launch on the console in April. Pre-orders are already available over at GameStop and they have the game listed with a $29.99 price tag. Here’s some more details about the game courtesy of Siliconera.

“Two new modes are available in the Nintendo Switch version of Wild Guns Reloaded, with each one designed to appeal to players of certain skill levels. For those new to Wild Guns, there is the Beginner Mode that gives people the chance to go through the game with unlimited lives. Boss Rush: Time Attack is for people who are comfortable with the game, as it pits players against all the bosses one after another, with the goal being to gun them down as quickly as possible.”




      1. I’ve been trying to find this game for so damn long as I played it as a kid (a friend of my brother’s that died from a shooting when I was little use to help me with this game back then before he died.) The reason I didn’t re-find this game till a few weeks ago was because I didn’t know (or couldn’t remember) the game’s name.

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      2. ||Ancient weapons never truly fade away, like this one, we Ing invaded and consumed these specimens once the war against the Luminoth began…||

        ||In fact, Amorbis was in a small way created based on some traits these primitive yet dangerous lifeforms had…||


      3. I want a remake of Maga Man Legends 1&2, Super Metroid (just to give it better controls, otherwise it’s perfect), Final Fantasy 6 and Chrono Trigger.


      4. If I’m right, we’ll be getting a remake of Super Metroid eventually. Like Zero Mission and Samus Returns, expect some additions to the original to give it more story.


      1. I disagree as I love Wild Arms 3. I have it on my PS4 and will play it at some point. (Of course, 3 is the only one I’ve actually played. The others aren’t available on PS4. I guess Wild Arms 3 is the most popular in the series since it’s on PS4.)

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