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Rumour: New Hint Art In Super Mario Odyssey Hints At New Moon DLC

The latest version of Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch was recently datamined. The current version of the game is Version 1.2.0 and twenty new pictures of Power Moon hint thumbnails were apparently discovered in the data mining process. It’s not clear where the original source was for the image so this is marked as rumour at present.


Source / Via

Thanks to mk7tester for the news tip!



  1. Doesn’t the game have enough bloody Power Moons to collect!? That’s like making DLC for Breath of the Wild that adds more Korok Seeds to the already ridiculous 999 amount. There is such a thing as padding, Nintendo, and having over 700 of the same exact collectible is padding at it’s worst. I get it! The worlds are big! How about more story that makes you traverse the big worlds instead of collectibles that don’t really amount for shit if you do waste your time trying to get every single damn one? It’s maddening enough having to collect the collectibles in past games that weren’t over 500.


    1. Welp! Time to kill off my need to 100% complete Nintendo games I really like! I already started with BotW when I stopped getting Korok Seeds.


  2. I hope this also means more kingdoms (at least one or two more kingdoms) so that it gives us more reason to play this game and also because a lot of us wants new kingdoms.


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