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GameXplain: Top 10 Wii U Games Likely To Come To Nintendo Switch

Popular YouTube channel GameXplain have uploaded a new video today and it examines which Wii U titles are likely to make an appearance on the Nintendo Switch. We have already had a few Wii U ports, but with the older system not performing to Nintendo’s expectations, it seems logical that a few more will make their way to Nintendo’s more popular system, the Nintendo Switch. Here’s the list courtesy of Reset Era.

List:thanks dusteatingbug
10. Super Mario 3D World / Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
9. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Blackwater
8. Paper Mario: Color Splash
7. Tokyo Mirage Sessions
6. Pikmin 3
5. New Super Mario Brothers U
4. Pushmo World
3. The Wonderful 101
2. Wind Waker HD / Twilight Princess HD
1. Xenoblade Chronicles X

Unlikely: Thanks Phendrift
– Star Fox Zero
– Game and Wario
– Wii Party U
– Nintendo Land
– Mario Party 10
– Yoshi’s Woolly World
– Splatoon
– Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

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58 thoughts on “GameXplain: Top 10 Wii U Games Likely To Come To Nintendo Switch”

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||Reworking of the controls obviously, adapting it for the Switch, it is not impossible…||

          1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

            ||They are a part of Lord Miyamoto’s original vision and are integrated with the specific control scheme adapted for the Wii U, change one of them and the other must change by default…||

              1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                ||Alternating views that are optional, just like Lylat Wars, no need to be more than that for a simple yet redone control scheme…||

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||Regardless of reasons, a total reworking of the control system would improve it intoba decent weapon, preferably with added planets or features, or at least exchange those useless drone levels with more planets…||

        1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

          If No Man’s Sky can do something like that with such an independent budget, imagine what Nintendo can do with a bigger budget.

        1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

          And? No Man’s Sky might have been a failure but they had a great idea with an open world in space with dozens of planets to visit. Nintendo, with a bigger budget, can definitely do better than that. Give it to Platinum since they want Star Fox so bad and the big ass budget to make it.

  1. Windwaker and twilight princess are 100% certs. Maybe a triple bundle with skyward sword HD at E3. Playing WW on the wiiu I can’t wait to see how good it will look on the switch screen. It would be a crime not to put wonderful 101 on the switch.

    1. ugh really?! Star Fox Zero was pretty terrible imho and surely wouldn’t really work without the second screen?

      I would love Nintendo to release a brand new Star Fox game for the Switch however!

        1. Useless my ass. If you’re talking about Adventure, that doesn’t exist. She did plenty in Assault and I like Krystal/Fox chemistry. Let me guess? You wanna see that Katt character back but that bitch just came and go in one game for like what? 2 missions in a total of 38 seconds in the whole game?

          1. I never saw a blue fox in my life.
            In Assault Krystal is even more useless than in adventure, she knows how to use telepath and when an enemy shoot to her she act like this “AAAAAA” + Fox/Krystal chemistry is what makes Fox weak and I don’t want to see a third series to be like a hero saves his princess. We have already Mario and Link doing this job so stop with this pathetic relationship.

            At least Katt helps and can’t die in compares to Krystal

            1. Again, how is she useless when you can literally play as her and she flies a fucking plane and help stop an invasion. How is THAT anywhere close to being classed as “useless” when, like I said already, Katt shows up as soon as she leaves and didn’t do shit because the main player does all the work. Even Falco is as useless as Slippy because you always keep saving their asses but never assist you as the main player.

      1. @Nintendo First Order Reaver

        WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! While I do agree a remastered version of Star Fox Zero for the Switch is possible, that doesn’t mean I don’t want a Star Fox sequel to NOT have Krystal in it.

        Even if she was as useless as you say she is let’s not forget that Star Fox Zero’s story was basically Star Fox 64 told in a different style. It even found a way to make Slippy of all characters LESS useless, so who’s to say they won’t do the same for Krystal for a sequel to Star Fox Zero?

        Also PLEASE stop arguing like an infantile brat! That’s only going to get you nowhere.

    1. Bayonetta should be the end of it. No lazy/forced Star Fox remake #3, no Captain Toad who should’ve been a DLC for Mario 3D World which is purely 3D Land in HD and no more of those stupid ass party game spin offs like Amiibo Festival…

      Smash Bros. 4 port…MAYBE. Only if they rid the clones, replace Smash Tour with Run adding online, bring in new characters/stages/content and tone the fuck down with FE characters.

        1. AND SLOPES! How could they forget the slopes but Smash Bros. Maker stage has it? WTF? Also, add All-Stars aesthetics and sprites as well as all of the missing power ups.

    1. XCX’s story wasn’t much better than XC2 but man X was so much more ambitious and just bigger in scope. Loved X more than 2 but still enjoyed both.

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||Its main problem was the short main story and the relative lack of soundtrack content but other than that I agree…||

  2. I would actually purchase most of these if they released them on switch lol kind of hoping they don’t cus it’s pretty scary to think about the amount of damage my wallet would take

  3. It’s funny. This list mentions mostly crap to unknown games but no Smash Bros.? Fuck this. lol Smash Bros. 4 and maybe Fatal Frame since that never saw the light of day in the West..I think. But everything else, hell no.

    1. What are you talking about? Fatal Frame made it to the States, but it was censored, replacing the skimpy outfits with Zelda and ZS Samus costumes. There was quite a bit of backlash about it. Same with Xeno X US version having the bust slider removed. If either game gets ported to Switch, they better be uncensored, they way they were made.

      1. Well, it certainly went DEAD silent..just like the system. XP Also, it’s funny that they made both Mario/Link not only near butt naked but crossdressing. If they allow that shit, they should also allow some uncensored woman stuff to an extent because I would find that a bit sexist towards females. Getting shafted while the male can prance around in wedding dresses and shit. XP

  4. I loved Tokyo mirage sessions but there is no way it’s getting ported. It did not sell well in either west or in Japan which is a shame cause it is a fun game

  5. Jesus Christ. Poor Star Fox Zero. SMH Nobody has any imagination when it comes to a port. A side from dual views. Classic controls, expanded campaign, online competitive and co op star ship battles. And some third person action sections would be dope.

  6. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    The Switch is most likely an 8th gen system (just the way Nintendo wants it) so you haven’t seen the last of Wii U ports (if I’m right.) Anyway, onward to dissect this list.

    10. Super Mario 3D World / Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker ~ Don’t care / don’t care anymore as I lost interest.

    9. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Blackwater ~ Yes, please! And it better be uncensored in the West as I want the cosplay AND skimpy outfits back. Plenty of rated R movies get away with characters’ underage being in their skivvies; it even goes so far as to show them nude. In this case, it’s digital characters that are at least 17 in the West so fuck it! Enough of double censoring! (That goes for you, too, Square Enix, since you changed the ages of characters in Bravely Default then censored their outfits. Why censor one thing if you are just gonna censor the very reason you censored the other thing!? As Dio from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures would say, it’s useless, useless, useless, useless, useless, useless, useless! *cough* Sorry… lol)

    8. Paper Mario: Color Splash ~ It’s trash like Sticker Star, FedshitForce, & the later Mario Party games so fuck it!

    7. Tokyo Mirage Sessions ~ I’d buy it.

    6. Pikmin 3 ~ Yes, please! I’d love it if this had some work done to add a bit more story to it; unless Pikmin 4 picks up shortly after 3, that is!

    5. New Super Mario Brothers U ~ Don’t care.

    4. Pushmo World ~ Don’t care.

    3. The Wonderful 101 ~ No offense to Platinum but don’t care.

    2. Wind Waker HD / Twilight Princess HD ~ Yes/ Yes! Yes, fine one! (If you don’t watch a lot of Family Guy, you won’t get that joke.)

    1. Xenoblade Chronicles X ~ Bust slider returned or I could care less. (The lack of story doesn’t help, either, though. So yeah. Maybe a little work done to add a bit more story.)

    Unlikely: Thanks Phendrift
    – Star Fox Zero ~ Just remove the stupid motion controls because it seems only a very, very, very small minority actually liked that bullshit in the first place. Screw it. Remake it from scratch if it’s the only way to port it to Switch. (Yeah, I know. ANOTHER remake of Star Fox 64 but I don’t give a shit as I honestly do want to experience the updated story of the original Star Fox 64 that Zero did.)

    Screw the rest. 2 of them are trash (Wii Party U, Mario Party 10), 1 was a massive letdown (Nintendo Land), and the rest just aren’t my thing.

    1. “Just remove the stupid motion controls because it seems only a very, very, very small minority actually liked that bullshit in the first place.”

      Actually I wouldn’t mind if they had motion controls as long as it’s fully optional and doesn’t require a second screen.

  7. “Now it’s possible these levels could be revamped, replaced or removed-”

    Oh, so Super Mario 3D World and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker can get their levels revamped for the Switch and yet Star Fox Zero CAN’T!?

    I call bullshit on that!

  8. “Paper Mario Color Splash is likely to come over”

    Oh yeah, after it was trashed by everyone, did fairly bad in sales for a Mario game with no competition in the entire year, and that is only liked by Nintendo apologists. Yeah, no way in hell that trash is being ported over. Hashtag EFF EEE is far more likely and that game bombed hard in Japan, despite appealing only to weeaboos.

    1. Ahem…I happen to be a slight Ninty apologist but even I admit that Color Splash was a letdown, ONLY because of Nintendo’s revelation that the Paper Mario series wasn’t meant to be what the Mario & Luigi series is now; and more of a goofy gimmick/one-off type character. It was the fastest HARD PASS I had ever done before.

      I’ve also seen gameplay AND read some reviews…nah. I’m good.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||If they made all bosses, especially Ganondorf harder in Twilight Princess then I would buy it, but easy weapons do not concern me…||

      ||The Ing are not even interested in Ganondorf at this moment, especially since he wasn’t at his full potential even after we sent our best warriors to improve him in BOTW…||

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