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GameXplain Presents The Nintendo Switch eShop Awards

Popular YouTube channel GameXplain has ploughed through the deluge of Nintendo Switch eShop releases and have revealed their favourite indie titles. There’s some fantastic smaller titles on the Nintendo Switch eShop so it’s great that they’ve gotten some attention. If you can’t watch the video Reset Era member Ecliptor has handily provided it in list form.

  • Best Shooter: Graceful Explosion Machine.
  • Best Rhythm Game: Thumper.
  • Best Puzzle Game: Snipperclips Plus.
  • Best Competitive Game: Rocket League.
  • Best Budget Game: Earth Wars.
  • Best Story: Night in the Woods.
  • Best Game from a Major Publisher: Sonic Mania.
  • Best Local Multiplayer: Overcooked!
  • Most Graphically Impressive Game: Fast RMX.
  • Best idea that shouldn’t work but somehow does: Battle Chef Brigade.
  • Biggest Time Sink: Stardew Valley.
  • Best Definitive Version: Cave Story+.
  • Best Exclusive: Golf Story.
  • 2nd best eShop game: Steamworld Dig 2.
  • Best eShop game: Celeste.

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  1. Snipperclips is a fun. I love how they added the random shapes it makes it an entirely new game, plus different per person you play with 😁😊. Overcooked I absolutely love but after you 3 starred everything there isn’t much to do afterwards

  2. WTF is this list? 80% of these nobody cares about and I can get behind Sonic Mania. But..the fuck? I’ve never heard of these games, not even in the news/eShop section.

    1. If you haven‘t herd about Night in the Woods, Rocket League, Steamworld DIG 2, Celeste, Snipperclips, Stardew Valley or Cave story, then you might limit yourself to only play the commercially bigger advertised games that also get a physical copy. But sorry to say, but these games are kinda popular among people who already know what to expect from common AAA stuff.

      1. Rocket League ain’t an unknown indie. In fact, I love that game. Snipperclips I’ve heard of but don’t really care. Steamworld I’ve heard and, like Snipperclips, eh. I expect something bigger than most of these, like Rocket League.

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