Sonic Movie: SEGA Says Sonic Brand Needed To Be Treated In The Right Way

Sonic is getting his very own movie in 2019 and Comic Book recently managed to catch up with Ivo Gerscovich, who is the chief brand officer for Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as senior vice president for SEGA of America. Gerscovich was questioned about the movi, amongst other things, and said that the company realised the Sonic brand needed to be treated the right way, so the movie was a step forward.

Why do you think it’s taken so long for Sonic the Hedgehog to hit the big screen? Was SEGA just waiting for the proper opportunity to bring him?  

Yes, we believed strongly that the Sonic brand needed to be treated in the right way.  Having the opportunity to work with such an amazingly talented production team with such a strong track record (like the Fast and the Furious films and the Deadpool movie) made the decision an exciting one for SEGA to take.



    1. Sorry for sending you a message way to late in youtube. I thought that something has happened to My Nintendo News but it was probably a maintenance.


  1. Sonic Franchise: Die-Hard Sonic Fans Say Sonic Brand Needs To Be Treated In The Right Way

    No Pontaff, no boost-to-win (outside of 2D handhelds), no more solo-Sonic, no Boom!

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      1. We’re sick of seeing them in new games that represents no reason for them to be there plus it goes against Colors premise of freeing them…just like every other game that screws Canon up it ass.


    1. I hope that they let passionate Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 fans to do the next 3D Sonic so that we have a good Sonic game just like in the Game Cube era.

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  2. Easy for you to say Sega. You’re the one who keeps screwing up Sonic for decades. The only thing that saved Sonic this year was Mania, a game made by a group of fans that’s considered the best game since SA2. Now please think about that and how sad that sounds.

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  3. Hopefully mixing the Fast and the Furious with Deadpool and a goid script will pull this off. I just wish they weren’t going with the live action mixed with CGI. This mivie would be better in a full CGI movie. (I also hope that Princess Sally is in it.)

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    1. am calling it..
      Sega will screw up the corpse of their mascot once more…
      “They better do it right this time”, you say…
      am sure you will use this pathetic excuse in the coming years…
      Disco, i apologize for this, but…
      Shut up…

      – Church of Sasori


  4. Knowing how unpleasable the fanbase is, I don’t think there IS such a thing as “The right way” with Sonic… except for Mania and Generations, everybody loved those.

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    1. You’ve liked every single “crappy” Sonic game Sega has ever made, haven’t you? Honest question. This is another honest question, too. Did you enjoy Metroid “Wannabe” Prime: FedshitForce on 3DS? How about the later Mario Party & Paper Mario games? (I’m either gonna get an honest answer or I’m gonna get called a troll again. *starts shaking* Oooh I can’t wait to find out which one is gonna happen!)

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      1. All I asked was a simple question. A calm, civil response would be nice. Answer without being an immature child & throwing the word troll at people all willy-nilly and I’ll leave you alone after that. Least til the next article you want to throw some bullshit claim around that the fanbase is in the wrong & that Sega (or whoever) is just an innocent, little victim getting bullied by the big, bad, evil, unpleaseable fanbase.


      1. ||CD is of course included since it came out prior to Sonic&Knuckles, Mania had the levels but the boss art-style and method were out of place completely and were not true Sonic the Hedgehog bosses at its essence which is why it is not included…||


      2. ||It came out after the second but before the third…||

        ||It was considered an enhanced version of the second one because of lackluster sales in Japan at that time…||

        ||True, but still not a true Sonic weapon, but it has good pieces of it to be considered worthy enough to be respected…||


      3. Oh

        That explains why Sonic is practically dead. XP

        You cannot deny that the gameplay works but they also innovated the formula with the Drop Dash that doesn’t break the game like Sega when they constantly cramp Wisps where they don’t belong. Also, Tee Loops really knocked it out of the park with the soundtrack. It’s one of my favorite OST in Sonic so far without much lyrics getting in the way of the tunes.


    1. It would be better than the Sonic games of these past 15 years. Perhaps not as great as Adventure 1 & 2 but way better than all the other flops of Sega.


  5. “…Gerscovich was questioned about the movi, …”
    You forgot the e in movie.

    And this is a load of crap coming from SEGA themselves, as others have noted SEGA is the one screwing up Sonic.

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