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The Next Batch Of Neo Geo Games For Nintendo Switch Have Been Revealed

The Nintendo Switch is home to plenty of classic Neo Geo titles and Hamster has announced that there’s plenty more coming to the platform. It’s not entirely clear how popular they have been with consumers, but they must be doing well for Hamster to keep releasing them on the system. Anyway, the next batch of ACA NEO GEO titles due to be released are listed below:

  • Real Bout Garou Densetsu (Real Bout Fatal Fury)
  • Sonic Wings 3 (Aero Fighters 3)
  • World Heroes 2 JET
  • Sengoku Denshou 2001 (Sengoku 3)
  • Samurai Spirits: Zankurou Musouken (Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood)
  • Ghost Pilots
  • Gururin
  • Stakes Winner
  • Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special (Real Bout Fatal Fury Special)



13 thoughts on “The Next Batch Of Neo Geo Games For Nintendo Switch Have Been Revealed”

      1. VC is still fairly up in the air at this point since we don’t know what Nintendo is going to do with regards to their plan for online service and VC games being tied in with that somehow. Even if they do roll out a traditional VC, they will most likely release games at a snail’s pace as they’ve done ever since the Wii. All we can do is wait.

    1. I believe the VC is being held back until the paid online services start. I have no proof towards that, but it does make sense.

    2. I care about NeoGeo. If you’re so stressed about VC games, go to a gamestore, buy a pre-owned version of the game you wantt and play it on actual hardware. Not all of us have thousands and thoussands to spend on doing that with Neo Geo games.

        1. The Shield TV in China isn’t streaming them, it’s emulating them. The problem is that the Shield TV’s CPU is clocked twice as high as the Switch’s so that really doesn’t confirm that the Switch can do the same. Maybe Nintendo introduce a dual-core 2 Ghz mode but I’m not exactly sure of that.

          Some GC games, like Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros Melee, Waverace Blue Storm, Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2, and Luigi’s Mansion require analog triggers. That could be done with the GameCube controller adapter but that kind of kills any chance of them being playable in portable mode.

          1. Switch not being able to emulate Wii games is the same BS Nintendo fed about old 3DS not running SNES/GBA even though it’s more than powerful enough to run near-GameCube quality games. WTF?

            1. lol dude, it doesn’t matter what kind of games the system can run natively. Emulation is a whole other monster. You’re also using 3DS’s GPU as a bar for performance when emulation is very CPU intensive.

              When you’re emulation something, you’re emulating actual hardware (most of the time). Something that could be one instruction on the SNES, lets say an instruction to access palette memory, could easily be 100+ instructions in an emulator on a 3DS because a 3DS has no concept of palette memory because it’s completely different hardware. The emulator needs to emulate that section of memory and how it works.

              The only reason the 3DS can emulate GBA games, which look SNES games, is because the GBA and 3DS are more comparable hardware in the sense that both use ARM chips.

              Here’s a great example. I built my computer for editing video so I have an i7 5820K, a pretty powerful CPU. If I use DesMuMe to emulate DS games on it, I’ll frequently get slow down in games. DS games are no more than 150,000 polygons per second and uses small point-sampled textures with just simple blending. That would be nothing for my computer to render natively, yet I get slow down. That’s because my computer needs to emulate every little thing about the ARM chips that run the DS.

              Now my Raspberry Pi is significantly weaker than my PC yet it can emulate DS games at full speed using DraStic. The Raspberry Pi uses ARM cores so it doesn’t have to emulate ARM instructions. It only has to emulate things like memory layout, latencies, input, timings, syncing between cores,and stuff like that. There’s still issues I’m sure, but not having emulate the ARM instruction set helps a lot.

              Another example would be that the same PC that can’t emulate DS games without issues can actually emulate Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, Wind Waker HD at 4K without any problems. That’s because the way Wii U software is made and the way that the Wii U GPU works is way more similar to a PC.

              Now I’m not saying that the original 3DS can’t emulate SNES games, because it’s been shown that it can, but it’s imperfect. Something like Higan, which is the most accurate SNES emulator, would not run well.

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