Nintendo Switch

US: Kirby Star Allies Demo Now Available

The fun Kirby Star Allies demo appeared on the European Nintendo Switch eShop on Thursday but we have’t heard when it would be available in North America. Nintendo of America has announced today that the demo is now available for download from the North American eShop. If you haven’t checked it out yet then be sure to give it a play.

Thanks to koshua5 for the news tip!



  1. Tried the game. It looks nice but I find it very jarring that it’s 30FPS while everything else is 60FPS on top of level transitions having loading times…that’s a big no-no for a simplest game like Kirby. Overall, it just feels very slow for me to get into in the long run unlike many past Kirby games I’ve played that’s fast paced. Not only that, this game feels more of the same, kinda like Sega level of rehashing for nostalgia.


    1. I think it’s 30 fps because of the drop-in out gameplay and multiple characters fighting on screen with different abilities and effects, It’s meant for co-op so maybe thats to keep it stable

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    2. What nonsense. No Kirby game makes one bit in difference in 60 fps over 30. The game is intentionally designed to be the easiest a platformer can be without making it literally impossible to die.


  2. I hope that they release one that’s similar to Return to Dream Land (since I haven’t purchased Triple Deluxe and Planet Robot, I don’t know if they are similar to Return to Dream Land). Its my favorite Kirby game.


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