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ARMS Will Be Updating To Version 5.2 Tomorrow

Nintendo has confirmed on their official ARMS account that the game will be getting an update tomorrow, bringing ARMS to version 5.2. However, we don’t know what will be in the update. Nintendo did not say anything about the update’s contents. Their official tweet only says that things have been brewing in the ARMS Lab and that the “experiment was successful”.

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  1. Part of me hopes they were merely fibbing about being done with new fighters, especially since there are so many more ARMS they can do and build a character around.

    -Squid/octopus tentacles
    -Tree Vines
    -Spider silk
    -fuses (as in explosives fuses)
    -Film reels

    They can’t be done with new content only after half a year.

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  2. I wish this game had endings for each character similar to older fighting games. I don’t want retarded and pointless campaign focused stories like how recent capcom fighting games have shoehorned in as of late, but something like short comic book style endings that give more back story to each character.
    If any of you have played or even beaten Tech Romancer on the Dreamcast with any of the characters then that’s those are the kind of endings I’m talking about, that kind of campaign style gameplay and endings that Capcom used to do before they went full retard.
    Now I want Power Stone and Tech Romancer on the Switch, Treasure’s Guardian Heroes too, those games just scream “SWITCH” O_O


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