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Nintendo Korea And Hong Kong Have Announced Partial Switch eShop Support Coming April 3rd

Nintendo Korea and Hong Kong have confirmed today that they plan to allow Nintendo Switch owners to have partial Nintendo Switch eShop support. Previously the Nintendo Switch eShop wasn’t available for users in Hong Kong or Korea. It will come on April 3rd, but with limitations. You will be able to redeem software codes and redownload content. However, you won’t be able to purchase games or play games online with other players. Hopefully this function will be added at a later date.

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  1. Knowing their “restrictive” governing, this is a merciful thing. I just hope they’ll have plenty of their own great content to enjoy since the outside access from their end will be limited for a reason. XP


    1. It’s complicated. In short; South Korea does many of the same things North Korea does. With the exception being, the south is way less extreme. They censor the internet, they’ll censor things that defame or contradict the governments values. Similar to China, except with a longer leash and ethnic nationalism.

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      1. That is a very nice explanation. It should be intergrated into the original article so readers can better understand the reasons.

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