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Rumour: South Park The Stick Of Truth And The Fractured But Whole Apparently Heading To Switch

It would appear as though the long-standing rumours of South Park coming to the Nintendo Switch could be true. It seems we are getting South Park The Stick of Truth and also South Park The Fractured But Whole. Both titles will presumably be mentioned in the Nintendo Direct taking place tomorrow. As with all rumours we shall have to wait and see. The Nintendo Direct takes place tomorrow at 10pm UK time.




  1. I really hope this is factual. Playing these games on my PlayStation is difficult, because I have two younger children. Even at night I have the off chance of them wandering in or overhearing.

    The Switch has the ability to let me play these games in handheld with headphones in.

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    1. Actually, you can plug your headphones into the dualshock 4 & it shuts off the volume on the TV & it all comes through the headphones. I used it the other night when trying out the trial demo for Prey.


      1. I honestly didn’t know, either. I thought the sound would continue to play on the TV. If it does continue to play on the TV by some chance, there should be an option in settings to make it only play through the headphones.


      2. And DS4 lasts like ass. Plus, what’s stopping them kids from seeing the game on a big ass screen? Score one for Switch’s privacy play. lol


      3. It’s called locking the door if his PS4 is in his bedroom. Pretty sure he even pointed that out which is why he brought up the issue of the kids at least still being able to hear the game. I told him how he can solve the sound issue. The Dualshock 4 having a low battery isn’t as big of an issue as you make it out to be. You can buy a USB adapter & USB phone charger cord with a pretty long reach for less than 10 bucks if you go to the right store. It’s how I keep mine fully powered when I play on my PS4.


      4. A fad? Maybe but sadly so was the Wii since everyone but diehard Nintendo fans stuck with it in it’s last few years. (Diehard fans like me…)

        As for the Gamepad, I quite enjoyed using it as a second screen. I would have preferred a beefier Wii U with a cheaper Gamepad so as to be the home console equivalent of the DS/3DS than the Switch. A hybrid should have came later when Sony released the PS5 & Microsoft released the Xbox One X as Xbox Scorpio years later instead of this year as their next gen system for next gen systems, not smack dab in the middle of a gen with 1.5 systems to compete with. I’m worried this will backfire & cause them to be a gen behind next gen… AGAIN!! If this comes to pass, Nintendo will have been a gen behind for 3 gens straight. Hopefully Switch is good enough to lessen that as being a bad thing by then.


      5. Optional motion controls being a fad? Not exactly because Gyro is technically the same concept except no IR pointers.

        You enjoy Gamepad more? lol Well that’s a a bad way. XP It’s terrible because it’s highly proprietary. If it breaks or it’s lost, you have to buy a new console to get it. The Off-TV play was a good concept except one problem: Wireless range, like its battery life, is complete ASS.

        I wouldn’t worry about Sony copycatting Nintendo because the last several attempts worked out SO WELL…that it became a thought of Sony’s sad excuse to mimic Nintendo to steal their install audience base. Whatever Sony copies next, people are not gonna take it well besides desperate Sony Ponies wanting to justify their unprofound hate for Nintendo even though reality supports the fact that PS wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for them twice over: Saving the gaming market and indirectly created the system and bounced fast due to Sony trying to liquidate Nintendo completely from their selfish partnership deal. As for Xbox, they won’t last long and already hinting that their end is coming.


      6. Hence why I said a cheaper Gamepad so they can actually sell the things in stores. (And you actually can replace the Gamepad without buying an entirely new Wii U by simply calling Nintendo themselves. But that was one complication I didn’t want to go through so I gave up on Wii U after the needing two Gamepads for the transfer fiasco.) A beefier Wii U could have also increased the range of the Gamepad, too. The sad truth is, depending on how badly damaged your Switch is, you actually DO have to buy an entirely new Switch to replace it since it’s the console itself. The total opposite of Wii U.


      7. Having to replace/fix Gamepads was such a huge pain in the ass, nobody bothered. The Switch is actually cost-efficient in hardware repairs as well as a few of it’s upgradeable components which is what made me relieved to hear.


      8. And too bad that privacy comes at the price of a tiny little screen. (Most prefer their big screen over that little thing.)


      9. The price for privacy is playing on a small screen with lesser quality & frame rates. It’s so clearly weaker when it’s not docked.


      10. That’s fine because how can you expect a PS4 power tablet to last long on it’s own? Not even mobile phone games last longer than 5 hours and their quality is a lot less than the Switch itself.


  2. And even if they are, it’s doubtful that Reggie or Bill Trinen’s voice (translating for someone else) will even mention these games in the direct. BTW, I apologize in advance if I mention any spoilers, because I refuse to be nagged a thousand times over it.

    Stan: Oh my god, they killed Princess Kenny/Mysterion!
    Kyle: You bastards!
    VO: These two engaging titles will be coming to the Switch *random date*.


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