Nintendo Switch

Japan: Nintendo Switch Sold Over 3,800,000 Units During First Year And Triples The PS4’s Debut Year

The Nintendo Switch is performing extremely well worldwide and has taken off in Japan as you’ll have seen from the Media Creates sales data we publish on a Wednesday. The Nintendo Switch has sold an impressive 3,800,000+ units during its first year on the market in the land of the rising sun. What’s also impressive is that it has tripled sales of the PlayStation 4’s debut year which was back in 2014.




      1. “I will erase you from the histories!” Empty words since the real life Xerxes eventually ends the war by making the people he tried to invade & conquer into allies and had them join the Persian Empire peacefully. xD


      2. ||You will see that we are kind, unlike the cruel Sonyans that forces you watch movies, we only require you to play Smash Brothers…||


      3. lol Good thing I’m too busy with my games on PS4 to watch movies. Besides, I got Amazon Prime Video on my smarthub 4kTV. I’ll be getting my movies digitally through Amazon (except the occasional Sony, Final Fantasy, or Resident Evil movie that I’ll get on PlayStation Video instead.) Final Fantasy VII Advent Children might be the only movie I don’t get on PS4 since they got the original release (I want the extended Complete version that was released on Bluray. Sony is pissing me off with not having Complete.)


  1. Just wait until Pokemon, Shin Megami Tensei V, Persona Q 2, and Dragon Quest XI arrive on Switch. I expect that number to more than double by the end of 2018 if all four of those games come out in Japan by the end of the year.


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