Nintendo Switch

Nintendo America Shares Artwork For Splatfest Happening This Weekend

Splatoon 2 is an excellent game and the support that Nintendo has provided for the game has been exceptional. We have a Splatfest coming this weekend and the theme is Do you think the Chicken came first, or the Egg? So it’s going to be between Team Chicken and Team Egg. Nintendo of America has shared some artwork for the upcoming event which you can marvel at below.





  1. FYI people, the egg came first. The first chicken came about by one- or both- of its parents passing on mutated genes to this particular offspring, but since chickens hatch from eggs and there had been no chickens before…


      1. of course evolution is true bible/religion goers are just too stubborn to understand fact over fiction.


    1. For anyone who wants to nitpick “chicken” here has to be specific when egg doesn’t, guess what? It can go both ways. I say “egg” here has to only mean modern chicken eggs as they exist today, which makes “chicken” correct because it can refer to older chickens that laid those eggs.


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