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Splatoon 2’s First Paid DLC Octo Expansion costs $20 And Requires The Full Version Of The Game

One of the main announcements that came out from the latest Nintendo Direct is Splatoon 2’s first paid downloadable content, Octo Expansion. Scheduled to launch sometime in the summer, the upcoming DLC is priced at $19.99 and requires the full version of the game; it can’t be purchased as a standalone title. Octo Expansion consists of a new single-player campaign and new stories that are meant to shed new light on characters from the game.



  1. Think I’m going to claim all my points on my carts towards this.
    It’s fun how 20€ eshop content gives about the same points as 60€ physical game.


    1. Not to mention, having heavy online content behind expansion would segregate the player base too much.
      This way, if expansion sells well, they can keep adding more free online content.


  2. Awesome! It comes with 25% more SP levels than Splatoon 1+2 combined. (80 dlc vs 64 combined)


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