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Splatoon 2 Is Getting Paid Single Player DLC And Will Soon Be Updated To 3.0

Nintendo Europe has announced today that Splatoon 2 Version 3.0 is coming. The update will arrive in late April. The update will add 100+ pieces of new gear and three additional stages – Piranha Pit, Camp Triggerfish, and the brand new Wahoo World. The company also announced that Splatoon 2 will also get paid single player DLC in the form of Octo Expansion.



      1. Except they get the complaints. They can’t afford to screw the Switch up with any more bad publicity. And what do you mean “slowly introduce Microtransactions”? They did that with Amiibo since 2014.


      2. I’ll agree that I’m beginning to hate amiibo but at least with amiibo you only need to pay once and that transaction expands to multiple games, with microtransactions you have to pay constantly for the exact same purchase and that transaction is only good for that one particular game and for one use only. I’ll take amiibo over mtx any day.
        Nintendo has a habit of not producing enough amiibo though and here in the states they refuse to sell the harder ones to find at retail price, like the Link Skyward Sword and Alm/Celica 2 pack on their Nintendo store.


      1. I’m happy that Smash Bros. is announced and the little tip at the end saying “Original Game, Nintendo/HAL Laboratory” shows it’s not that Wii U port. THANK GOD. It’s legit Super Smash Bros. 5.


    1. I’m sure you’re too young to remember expansion packs, but a brand new single player campaign a year or two after release used to be something you looked forward to. Warcraft 2 had its expansion a year after release. Starcraft saw Brood War in just six months or so. Half Life’s first expansion was after a year. I think Everquest has put out a new expansion every year since 1999. This is the direction i want new content to return to, getting away from the microtransactions such as buying individual Smash characters and maps, content locked behind amiibo (like Splatoon 1’s mini games), etc. Free multiplayer content keeps everyone on the same page and is an investment in the multiplayer lifespan of the game. Additional single player campaigns makes the absolute most sense for paid content.

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      1. I hope Smash 5 doesn’t use the Smash 4 crap of releasing small individual packs of a little bit of content. So far, we haven’t seen that much on Switch yet. And the ones where we do see it, it’s all sold as a 20 dollar bundle. Like with Fire Emblem Warriors & Breath of the Wild. I love season passes like this.

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      2. Definitely! I hated Smash 4’s DLC model and didn’t pay for any of it. But I’d still rather not see the season pass thing for a multiplayer game. I’d rather just see free new character and stage releases to drive the online community (ala Splatoon and Arms) and a big drop of paid single player content.

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  1. man, i got really excited for this update, this dlc is awesome, i don’t mind paying for that since i have spent a lot of time in splatoon 2 already.


  2. I don’t think the EA comparison is really fair. This is a whole new single player campaign with 80 levels, ability to play as an Octoling in inline play, and immediate gear bonuses on preorder, for $19.99 USD (So it’ll be $29.99 here in Australia). Actually sounds like better value for money than the Zelda DLC, and I mostly enjoyed that.

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