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It’s Official, Super Smash Bros Is Coming To Switch In 2018

There were rumors and massive fan demand for it. At long last, Nintendo has made it official. Super Smash Bros. will be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year, thanks to Nintendo’s latest Direct. The Inklings from Splatoon will be joining the battle. Here’s the official tweet:

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      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||We are getting rewarded for our loyalty despite the fall of the Empire…||

          1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

            ||The fall of the old system, now The First Order of Nintendo and our Supreme Lord Kimishima will never show mercy ever again…||

  1. Was not expecting that. I got so hyped once I saw the logo appear in her eyes. Plus, they are using Breath of the Wild Link! So excited to use that version of Link as my main. I hope they integrate Cappy somehow into this game as well. Can’t wait.

  2. Don’t forget that Mario with Cappy and Link from Breath of the Wild will also join the battle! I don’t even care if it’s port of SSB4, as long as it has some new content.

      1. I have no clue, but I really wouldn’t mind the port, since I didn’t get it on the Wii U and I only have a 3DS version. On the other hand, they had a pretty long time to develop it, so it may be entirely new, but I wonder why they kept silent until now.

        1. It’s not a port. They would’ve shown the same gameplay and shit by now but also look at the end of the teaser at the bottom. It says “Original Game – Nintendo/HAL Laboratory” and HAL hasn’t made a Smash Bros. game for over 10 years. Namco made the last one of the two versions.

        1. The logo is different as well. In the Smash 4 logo, there was no “slash” through the actual words; also, the Smash logo (the “o” in Bros.) is straight in this one, while the old one was slanted. If it were a port, I think Nintendo would have given it a proper title and pointed out more that it was a port, maybe even showed footage. It could still be a port though, who knows.

          On another note, I’m glad we’re getting these beautiful CG trailers again to go along with Smash reveals.

    1. Surely I’m not the only one who thought at first they were porting splatoon 1 to switch right? We don’t really know if this is a new smash brothers though or just a port

      EDIT: Link in the trailer uses the BOTW design. That probably means this is a new game. But in my opinion, it could still be a port with extra characters and features. I think it’s probably a new game though

      1. One thing that would be strange, is that if they added Mario from Odyssey and his Cappy-based moveset into the port of SSB4, there would be two almost same Marios, unlike Link, who looks completely different. So this may be a clue that it’s going to be a whole new game with new Mario and new Link.

    2. I kinda hope it’s a port with added content and balance updates. I want Cloud, Ryu, Bayonetta in this as well and it may be hard to get them again for another Smash. (Well at least Cloud) As long as it’s got plenty of new content from both 3ds and Wii U with maybe some new mechanics and balance and Ice Climbers, I’d be one happy Inkling:)

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||This is only the beginning…||

        ||The surprises you will witness in the coming future will be the end of the Xbots once and for all…||

  3. Please say it’s brand new smash 5 and not a remake of WiiU … And make sure it has a proper si glen player story like Brawl!!!

    1. Dude… you could say that about any character. You can’t imagine any move set possibilities for the Inklings!? The list goes on for me personally. I bet you’ll see Springman and Ribbongirl in there too.

    2. Why would they not add in characters from first party IP that has been massively outselling Mario and Zelda in Japan? It’s sold 2 million while Zelda hasn’t broken 1 mil yet in Japan. It certainly makes more sense than Snake, and to me feels more appropriate than Cloud, Bayonetta, Ryu, etc.

  4. Now I’m just hoping it’s NOT a port…
    BOTW Link could be the first clue that it is not a port… but then again, it could just be a DLC perk. ;(((

    1. I don’t think it is- Nintendo can get away with porting MK8 and Captain Toad and even Hyrule Warriors, but no one would let a port of Smash slide. I just hope it adds enough new content to feel like a brand new installment because, let’s be honest, in terms of content, Sm4sh felt like a step *backwards* from Brawl.

      1. For once I agree with you, although Stage Builder in Wii U was a bit better than what was in Brawl.

        If they take Smash Run on 3DS and tweak it a bit, THAT would be a great mode. My biggest problem with it was that you didn’t actually run into your opposition in the maze- you didn’t encounter them until the final battle and even then sometimes you were still by yourself just hitting random assortments of enemies. Fix up Smash Run and I’ll be happy to see it again.

    2. By which I mean, modes and ways to play. The new characters were fine (Shulk for life!) but the single-player options were subpar, Smash Tour was a god-awful mess that wasn’t fun, the new Targets mode wasn’t fun, Master/Crazy Orders didn’t hold my attention, NO campaign like Subspace Emissary…

      1. And my main turn off from the WiiU version was the stupid and boring online mode.
        So many limitations, not enough options/modes, not able to choose a stage, and plenty other dumb flaws it has.

  5. I’ll be excited if it’s actually a new one, and not just another “Deluxe” port, AND if I’m told it has a good single player experience. If it follows the trend of the last games, SSB is no longer a series for me, which will be sad if true.



  7. I wonder if they’ve been postponing the online service waiting for this to be ready? I mean Smash will really make lots of people buy into it.

    1. 1. It’s being developed by HAL, not Namco who made the last one and 2. The end of the teaser did say “Original game”. Also, if it was a port, they would’ve shown gameplay by now but the teaser end and showing Inkling and BotW Link with different music and tweaked logo design, it’s obvious this is indeed Smash 5. Lastly, this is HAL’s true 4th Smash Bros. game project that they haven’t made in over 10 years.

        1. The thing is, we don’t know how long HAL was working on this one. Maybe around the same time or after the Switch development started.

    1. You’re not the only one. They still have yet to bring back the Ice Climbers and Wolf, let alone other cut veterans (FucKonami’s Snake and three Pokemon).

      Needless to say, this game can be BETTER.

  8. I really hope that it’s not just a port of Smash 4 with a few characters and stages added in and is actually a new entry. If it is then I’m just going to skip it and keep waiting for a Smash 5. Don’t get me wrong, I love Smash Bros., I just don’t love it enough to buy the same game twice.

  9. Please be a new game. If it’s a port, I’ll pass since I got both the Wii U & 3DS versions (BIG FUCKING MISTAKE!!!) so I won’t pay another 50-60 bucks for what I essentially paid well over 100 bucks for previously. Fuck that. ESPECIALLY considering how much of a giant letdown both games were as I lost interest after only a few weeks. (I deleted my digital copy of the 3DS version a few days ago since it’s been sitting on my 3DS idle for most of it’s life on my 3DS.)

    1. It’s not a port. The end of the teaser displaying copyright gave it away that this is Smash Bros. 5 even if the teaser itself didn’t seem like it.

  10. Anyone else get the feeling it’s just a port with a few new characters and costumes added in? I’m not here for more ports, the Switch is full of them and the Direct added even more ports.

    1. No it’s not. This is truly Smash Bros. 5. Look at the logo, hear the tune when the crest appears and more obviously, pay attention to the end teaser displaying the copyright message “Original Game – HAL Laboratory” who hasn’t made a Smash Bros. game for over a decade.

      1. That’s Nintendo giving credit to HAL Laboratory for being the creators of Smash 64 which is the “Original Game” that they’re referring to. Also, the copyright that was displayed was in the Smash 4 reveal trailer too, except it had 2013 at the end of it. So, those aren’t indications that it’s going to be a Smash 5 unfortunately, it’s just standard copyright stuff that Nintendo had to put at the ending of the reveal trailer.

          1. Why would they spoil it so early in the year? They already have a lot of people hyped for the game and hype is sure to die down whether or not it’s a port or not. it would be better to just sprinkle information about it as we approach the official release date. That way as new information (characters, stages, modes, etc) is revealed, people will keep talking about what was revealed and won’t forget about the game and get even more hyped for it.

              1. Only time will tell us whether or not it’ll be a port or a new entry. But what we do know for a fact is that it’ll sell extremely well either way.

                1. *facepalm* Man you’re fucking dense. IT LITERALLY SAID IN THE END “ORIGINAL GAME – HAL – 2018” AND SHOWED NOTHING FAMILIAR ABOUT THE LAST TITLE!



                  2. *sigh* I’m sorry for yelling, but it just seems like you’re just trying to find the smallest of details in hopes that it’s a Smash 5. I mean, I want it to be Smash 5 as much as the next guy, but it’s WAY too early to assume that it will be and like Infinite Ridley said, you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment if it turns out to be something other than what you were expecting.

          2. I hate to say it but he could end up being right. Better cut your hopes down before E3 rolls around or you’re setting yourself up for disappointment if it turns out to be a port. You don’t want another E3 2015, do you?

            1. Listen, I’m not a fucking idiot. I know this is not a port and because they think “oh it’s too soon for the new Smash Bros. game to come”, then kindly explain how the fuck HAL manage to create Melee soon after their first game in less than two years with such much more changes and content than the last game compare to Brawl? Namco made Smash 4, HAL is making this one for IDK how long but look at the end credits and come to a realization that if this was a port, don’t you think they would’ve shown the same shit gameplay and stuff by now like Bayonetta, Captain Toad or even Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? Why only a teaser of an existing game? Makes no sense at all.

              1. I don’t think you’re an idiot. (Some, like DemiGOD, would disagree, though.) I just think you’re becoming a sucker for silly little hype for Nintendo & forgetting, for the briefest of moments because of said hype, that they’ve screwed you over & made you quit for 2 years because of a terrible E3 2015 that alot of us was let down by. You’ve been back with Nintendo for what I assume has only been about maybe 6-9 months of the Switch’s life and you’re already defending them a lot & getting way too hyped over one little game that could end up being a port. If E3 rolls around & it’s just a port, don’t say we didn’t warn you. And if E3 rolls around & it’s a brand new game, then you can scream “I told you so!” til you’re blue in the face. *shrug* But whatever. I’ve done what I can to convince you to lower your expectations. Good luck.

  11. I would’ve opened with this. Good news, something I’m looking forward to. I hope for the adventure mode, like in Melee (that was really a complete game).

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