Nintendo Is #6 On The List Of “US Top 10 Millennial Brands” In MBLM’s Brand Intimacy 2018 Report

MBLM’s Brand Intimacy 2018 Report has released. This annual report is considered the “largest study of brands based on emotions. Brand Intimacy is defined as a new paradigm that leverages and strengthens the emotional bonds between a person and a brand”. The full report doesn’t release until March 13th, but they have already released their “US Top 10 Millennial Brands” list. Nintendo made it at #6. Here’s the full Top 10 list:

1. Apple
2. Disney
3. YouTube
4. Target
5. Amazon
6. Nintendo
7. Google
8. Xbox
9. Netflix
10. Whole Foods




  1. Hahaha Sony didn’t even place but Xbox did? This doesn’t bode well with removing the blight that is the Xbots.

    Congratulations to Nintendo! Well deserved!

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    1. Theyre both a little sketchy, your link only because it doesnt have Disney in it. Disney has been a juggernaut this and last year so its weird not seeing it on that list.

      And the one on this post because target is in it. I thought Target was hanging by a thread. Its been closing stores left and right.

      I also just went to it myself and it seems to have changed again. Nintendo has dropped to #11, Xbox to #13, and PS to #20. thats in the over all ranking though.

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  2. It must be crusty oldies that are buying the PS4 then! That could be a problem for Sony in the future and this list must scare them a bit because if you aren’t connecting with younger generations you can find yourself getting left behind.

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  3. Ha what propaganda, glad to see Xbox and Nintendo. As a gamer I’m glad 2 out of 10 are gaming companies.
    But whole foods? As if millennials have that kind of money, also they are owned by amazon so that’s like cheating, should be instagram or Facebook honestly.
    Target? Who made this list?

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      1. Dying? in what sense? popularity by kids maybe, last year it averaged 1.33 BILLION daily users. Instagram is at 500 million daily users. Yes, 500 million is nothing to sneeze at, but 1.33 BILLION dwarfs that number.


      2. Facebook is falling in quality what with charging cosplayers way too much to have their stuff appear on people’s pages, among other things, so I can see why some would assume it’s dying in terms of people using Facebook to get attention & make a living. But dying in general? Hah. It’s no MySpace just yet. Of course, that site is still chugging along itself. (Damn zombie sites! lol)


      3. Thats what I thought, the cooler crowd has definitely moved on, but parents and grandparents are all over it. FB is still doing numbers.

        Have you seen Myspace as of late? It looks like an agency’s booking page lol


  4. Apparently people didn’t read the fine print. It’s going by pure emotions which are pretty biased, not unbiased sales numbers. So don’t read too much into this thinking it means Sony is doomed. Saying “Sony is doomed.” is like saying “Nintendo is doomed.” Both statements are incredibly fucking stupid.


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