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UK: Dark Souls Solaire Of Astora Amiibo Available To Pre-order At GAME

During the Nintendo Direct which took place on Thursday evening it was announced that we are getting a Dark Souls Remastered themed amiibo. The amiibo is for the Solaire Of Astora and is now available to pre-order from UK retailer GAME. The retailer is charging £19.99 for the amiibo and you can pre-order yours here.




  1. 19 pounds???
    So bad Nintendo of Europe doesn’t control prices. Amazon and so many big retailers are being scalpers. Amazon DE sell new amiibo at 19,90, they set the price for the SNES mini and so on…Here in Germany, official SNES mini price was 99 euros. That’s roughly 122 usd…
    I don’t envy my fellow NA gamers, because they have to deal more often with these GS, BestBuy exclusives, but NOA is way more efficient at controlling prices and making retailers respect the MSRP.


  2. Although I would like to get it I’m not too bothered and I’m not paying £19.99 for an amiibo. I’ll wait until the Nintendo store has it for about £9 less

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