Nintendo Switch

Twitter User Finds Way To View Twitter Feed On Nintendo Switch

We reported last night that the Nintendo Switch has received a hefty firmware update which brings the system to Version 5.0.0. The update allows you to connect with your social networks to import your friends. One Twitter user who linked their Twitter account to the console found that when you are prompted to link your account it opens the test browser. The user simply tapped on the Twitter logo which went straight to their Twitter feed. It should be noted that it’s a very basic Twitter feed and will probably be patched.



  1. That’s already known, isn’t it? You can call up Facebook and chat with people there. YouTube videos can also be played. However, nothing on YouTube itself but via the Google+ page.


    1. It was already possible yeah, but now it’s much easier and accessible since you just have to click on the twitter or Facebook icon when linking your twitter or Facebook account to the system


    1. Now that they’re starting to roll out a new SoC for the Switch (just better anti-piracy, not a performance upgrade) I think Nintendo will be willing to put out a proper browser soon. Thing is, “soon” would probably mean Julyish, and at that point they may as well wait until September when the paid online rolls around.


      1. Which only has me worrying more about this online launch being potentially a “paywall” for apps and browser which I what I hated the 360 for.


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