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Capcom Reveals Details About The Exclusive Nintendo Switch Mode In Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

One game that came as a pleasant surprise to Nintendo Switch owners is Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. The game is due out in a few months and contains the original Street Fighter, five versions of Street Fighter II up to Super Turbo, three Street Fighter Alpha games and three iterations of Street Fighter III. Street Fighter II. The Nintendo Switch version has its own exclusive mode which is detailed below.

“The Switch version also has an exclusive mode using Super Street Fighter II’s tournament mode, letting players with multiple Switch units put them into table top mode and play musical chairs by physically moving to the right unit for the next fight. While this does let the tournament move fairly quickly by making the fights proceed concurrently, it can also be kind of a confusing mess figuring out which system and controller you need to be at for your next match.”


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!



  1. It’s probably not gonna even have the final version of SF Alpha 3 (Max psp ver) or even the better ver of SFA3, which was the ps1 version that added characters like DeeJay, Juni and Juli. If you look up the Arcade version of SFA3 Arcade there are a shit ton of missing characters that the ps1 added and even 3 extra missing characters the psp version added when that game was ported to that handheld.
    SFA3 would have been the only reason I even bought the damn thing but knowing lazy ass Capcom they won’t even bother adding the best version of SFA3. They’ll just slap the lazy ass arcade versions on there and call it a day, like they always do.


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