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Chucklefish’s Spellbound Now Named Witchbrook

Chucklefish, the team behind the acclaimed Stardew Valley, has today revealed the official name of Project Spellbound. The game is now called Witchbrook and is apparently shaping up rather nicely. If you are interested in the promising title then Redbull Games has an interview with the creators here.

“The game revolves around your path through school, the relationships you build, and your mastery of the several schools of magic at your disposal,” Brice explains. “Players should expect to build up their magical proficiency by undertaking school projects. This might have them growing magical crops and creatures in herbology or taking on the denizens of the forest in elemental magic. School life is just as important as magic however; a lot of time will be spent meeting and befriending the varied cast of characters, taking on quests, awkward attempts at dating and a host of side activities.”



  1. Chucklefish Witchbrook Chucklefish Witchbrook Chucklefish Witchbrook Chu…

    Wait, “team”? I thought it was just one guy doing the whole thing?


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