Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Canada & Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort Collaborated For A Switch Commercial

Nintendo Canada and Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort have collaborated for an interesting Nintendo Switch commercial. The goal is to let gamers know to “let your imagination and your Nintendo Switch take you anywhere. Maybe even to a glacier with Mario or to a day on Whistler Blackcomb”! Indeed, Mario made an appearance in the commercial to help promote the Switch. Here’s the commercial:




  1. Oh hell no! No fucking way in HELL is that ever happening without a case! And even then, it won’t be in such a flimsy ass backpack where the Switch can easily fly right out! All it takes is one accident and he’s seeing his Switch flying down the mountain after he crashed hard & watching it disappear. Even if he isn’t doing any stunts, no. Just no.


  2. Don’t think I’d take me 400$ console with me for a day on the slopes, even if I WAS a privileged child where my breakfast was WAITING for me and my sibling had their very own piece of $400 Nintendo hardware….. :/


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