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Toys R Us Has Told Workers It Will Likely Close All U.S. Stores

It seems that the writing is on the wall for Toys R Us. With consumer demand changing it now seems likely that the retailer will close all of its stores in the United States. The Wall Street Journal reports that the company has already told its workers that it’s likely that they will close all of their stores in the United States. This will come as a huge blow to many.

“Toys ‘R’ Us Inc. told employees Wednesday the struggling big-box retailer will sell or close all its U.S. stores, a collapse that threatens up to 33,000 American jobs in the coming months.

The 70-year-old chain, which filed for bankruptcy protection in September, has more than 700 remaining U.S. locations, including Babies ‘R’ Us stores.”


14 thoughts on “Toys R Us Has Told Workers It Will Likely Close All U.S. Stores”

    1. Not to mention that I haven’t seen much shoppers in those stores for a long time now. It was doomed to foreclose eventually. Look at Times Square Toys R Us. That shit shut down as soon as it was opened and I didn’t even think it was possible seeing that MILLIONS tour around that part of the city daily. It’s crazy.

  1. Well, so much for my hopes that they would build a Toys R Us in my location. A beloved childhood (and adulthood) store, gone. I remember how even the very smell of Toys R Us was magical to me. I’d walk in and I was like…..”I SMELL TOYS”. LOL!

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