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Famitsu: 54.7% Of Japanese Switch Owners Plan To Use Paid Switch Online Service, 36% Undecided

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has polled its readers to find out if they are planning to use the Nintendo Switch Online service which opens its doors in September of this year. Interestingly, 54.7% of Japanese Nintendo Switch owners have said that they plan to pay the small fee to play online while 36% of those polled remained undecided.




      1. Well Nintendo didn’t get a chance to add a mic for the switch tablet. So, I think it’s not a good opportunity for us to get or hopes up for this online service this fall.


      1. Not that I would say no but I’m unsure of this considering their chat system (at least from Splatoon 2) is embarrassing, no achievement system as everyone is asking for, no messaging or anything like that. Just hop online without communications and that’s that. It’s like walking into a bright room blindfolded. They need to do more and simply practical than that.

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  1. Because A. Subscription is 60% cheaper and B. The undecided are those who are uncertain of what the online component would bring, miss or won’t bring so they’re nervous considering how underwhelming and even “restrictive” their online has been in the past.

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  2. If the price is still around what they were thinking before then without a doubt. Hopefully we see some news about that sooner rather than later since that is supposed to start this year.


  3. PlayStation Plus gets renewed in January. I got an antivirus that will renew in February if I keep it. So either December or March will be reserved for what online Nintendo offers if i even like what it offers and pay for it. I want to keep these few yearly fees in close proximity to each other in any case.


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