Nintendo UK Store Has Nintendo Classic Mini: Double Pack For £129.99

The Nintendo UK Store has revealed a new bundle today which is sure to grab Nintendo fans attention. You can purchase the Nintendo Classic Mini: Double Pack which includes a SNES Mini and NES Mini for £129.99. That’s plenty of retro goodness for you. No doubt the pack will sell out quickly, so get your order in.





  1. My nearest Wal-Mart had one SNES Classic/Mini earlier this month when I went there. I was so tempted to buy it but that would have been a whimsical buy since I don’t really want one for the purpose of playing on it. Mostly would have been a collectible to sell off at some point when they aren’t in stock anymore & the prices for them were higher than what they were originally being sold for. Maybe even use said money to get a new Switch. But 1) I was trying to conserve money this month & 2) I left it in case someone that would use it for gaming wanted to buy one. If a scalper bought it, though… FUCK!!!


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