Nintendo Switch

The Bunker Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Wales Interactive and Splendy Games have confirmed today that their FMV style title The Bunker will arrive on the Nintendo Switch. The game has a stellar cast of actors and a wonderful team of writers so it should be something to keep your eye on.

The Bunker is an award-winning FMV game and the first of its kind on Nintendo Switch. Coming April 2018. Starring Adam Brown (The Hobbit trilogy) and Sarah Greene (Penny Dreadful, Assassin’s Creed 3) with a story written and developed by gaming talent behind Broken Sword, The Witcher, and SOMA. The Bunker tells the story of John, the last survivor living in a government bunker after a nuclear attack wiped out England. But the bunker holds many secrets, and John must confront his suppressed memories to survive the horrors deep underground…



  1. … I’d rather have 3D models instead of live action actors. Still, it does look nice. (Just not for me.) Anyway, when Splendy flashed by for those few brief seconds, at first glance, I thought it said Slendy, as in Slenderman, that I had to restart the video to get a second look. lol


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