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Payday 2 Graphics Comparison (Nintendo Switch vs PC)

Payday 2 is now available on the Nintendo Switch having released on the eShop a week or so ago. We’ve had a number of comparison videos of the game versus other platforms and the team over at AltChar have produced a Nintendo Switch Vs PC comparison video. If you want to see how the Nintendo Switch version of Payday 2 stacks up against the mighty grunt of the PC then have a watch below.



    1. The only thing I really saw missing in the Switch version is the lighting on the floor in the cubical area which is pretty weird considering it looks like most of the other lighting is baked in. I’m guessing that effect in the cubical area is actually drawn in real-time with a stencil buffer or something? Idk.


  1. This has to be the lamest comparison video I have watched…. Guy was talking like he was gonna explain what the differences were.
    I don’t see any noticeable difference… Would probably watch it again on my PC to see if there are any major changes.

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    1. Yea, it looks like he used downloaded YouTube footage of the Switch version which he tried to reproduce on PC. That being said, even with the double compressed Switch footage, you can see that the on the floor in the cubicle area is completely gone in the Switch version.


      1. Actually, it could very well be do to “horsepower”. Depending on how it’s working, it could be using up fill-rate and it still has to be blended. Though I don’t think it would have been a significant hit to performance. STILL! IT’S NOTHING WORTH SHOUTING ABOUT!!

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  2. a game with sub par switch graphics gets treated as some how PUSHING THE SWITCH its MORONIC this game isnt even remotely close to peak switch performance and its a rushed port and a poor performer so how is it a realistic comparison…all this is is OH LOK A WEAK PORT OF A WEAK GAME RUNNING ON A DOGSHIT ENGINE


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