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Digital Foundry: Dark Souls Remastered Switch Trailer Analysis & Xbox 360 Graphics Comparison Video

Dark Souls Remastered comes out in just a couple of months, so Digital Foundry released a brand new video that takes a look at the game. The brand new trailer that was unveiled at last week’s Nintendo Direct was analyzed, and Digital Foundry also compared the remastered Dark Soul’s graphics to its Xbox 360 original. The video can be seen down below.



  1. If it can run blight town without the major drops or the Sif boss battle, it’ll already be a pretty great improvement. Including the DLC is also nice. No physical copy of the game included it so people like myself who went back to play the game later in life didn’t get the DLC. Bit of the game I still never played even though I’ve beaten this game twice.

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      1. I’m no man. I hear it’s good. The Artorias story sounds so good and the bits about Sif! AWESOME. The final boss they say is the hardest in the game. Would you agree? That freaks me out a bit haha.


      2. Oh wow i just saw your reply lol and from my vague memory, yes that boss was hard as shit and I usually try to go through the game solo but in this boss I think I actually had to summon some helpers.


  2. this is boardring on metal ilness now we have no confirmation about a few seconds of footage switch destroys a x360 it will be as good as they bother to make it nothing more or less lets await the actual game


  3. EVRY SECOND IS TUE 1080P (IN TV MODE) BUT ITS A HANDHELD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DIGITAL FOUNDRY LOGIC???


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