Nintendo Switch

Nindies Showcase Video Presentation Coming Tuesday, March 20th

Mark your calendars for a Nindies Showcase video highlighting indie titles coming to Nintendo Switch. Watch the video live by visiting March 20 at 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET.

Source: PR



  1. There are very few indie games that interest me but I can read about those, when they pop up, in Game Informer & on here, so I’ll pass. Checking out this event would mostly just be a waste of my time since I don’t really care about a good 80/90 percent of them. That & I’ll most likely get them on PS4 as I’m trying to limit my Switch purchases to exclusives since the only source of expanded storage is micro SD cards.

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  2. And following the presentation, Shovel Knight will be announced for Smash Bros! You know, because he’s a indie game character.


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