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Sonic The Hedgehog SXSW 2018 Taking Place Today At 1.30pm PST

The special Sonic the Hedgehog panel is taking place today at SXSW and it sounds like something that Sonic fans won’t want to miss. SEGA has already announced that they will give gamers a “Look into the future of Sonic” and a Sonic Karting game is fully expected to make an appearance, thanks to the talented team over at Sumo Digital.  The Sonic the Hedgehog SXSW 2018 event is taking place today at 1.30pm PST and no doubt the news will be all over Twitter and social media.



      1. I saw the tweet and post here. It’s a free update. THANK GOD! But even if it’s priced, I’m so willing to pay for it and tell Sonic Forces and it’s dumbass fans to kiss my ass. lol


      1. Well, either I’m in denial, or it just seems more logical to believe the source which has the closest ties to Sega.

        Either way, I’m bracing myself for the impending impact this could create… unless it turns out to be a new Sonic Riders. We could possibly use another one of those.

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      2. There’s kind of a little “technicality” at play here – Aaron Webber said there is no new Sega and Allstars Racing game.

        However, the rumors are saying that the next Sonic Racing games is not going to have “Allstars” in the title, because they are reducing it to exclusively Sonic characters.

        So Webber could claim later on that “There technically wasn’t a Sonic Allstars Racing title in the works, just a Sonic Racing title”


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