Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Says It’s Aware Some Users Are Experiencing Issues In Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Since The 1.3.0 Update

Nintendo UK has acknowledged on Twitter that there’s been a problem with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 since we recently had the update which took us to Version 1.3.0. The company says that the issues will be fixed in the upcoming update which is Version 1.3.1 and is due at the end of the month. The biggest problem has been when people have embarked on New Game + and some common Blades that can be found have vanished. Again, this will be fixed in the update coming late March.



      1. ||The cattle masses kept rambling about patches since the dawn of online gaming, this is what they asked for because of their lack of patience…||

        ||The masses are too primitive to see the consequences of their demands, this is what makes us superior in every way…||


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