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SEGA Announces That Sonic Mania Goes To Retail With Sonic Mania Plus

SEGA is planning to release a retail version of Sonic Mania which is titled Sonic Mania Plus and will arrive this summer. The game includes Sonic Mania, Mighty and Ray as playable characters, a new Encore mode, 4 player Competition mode, Holographic packaging, 32-page art book, and more. Again, this will arrive in the summer.




  1. Be great if they make the game less frustratingly cheap, some of those levels just love to zap your rings and lives away – makes it far less fun I find.


  2. Off topic but I finally caved and bought Yooka-Laylee. How much you wanna bet they are either gonna lower the price or release a physical version now too… Even if I own the digital it’s just so tempting to have the physical copy for your collection.


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