SEGA Confirms That A New Sonic Racing Game Is In Development

SEGA has announced today via the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account that there’s a new Sonic Racing title in development. A title or platforms have yet to be announced by the company. However, it’s not a sequel to any previous Sonic game.



  1. Well we already know it just one month before they announce it.

    But why they can’t just let the characters run without cars like the mobile game of Sonic Forces?


  2. I didn’t care too much for the first two SEGA kart racers, but the second one was at least a solid game. The track design just felt pretty bland on repeated visits. And the items aren’t that fun to use. I’ll look forward to this if it’s a step above Transformed. Hopefully it’s not another bomb like Forces.


    1. Hey, remember their last third racing game Free Riders…yeah. lol Third installments are usually cursed to suck and when you combine that with Sega’s bad streak of terrible games, it’s a given.

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      1. Sadly, as they said, not a sequel to anything, including the All Stars Racing. It’s exclusively Sonic characters. Seems odd, since All Stars was better than Mario Kart because it includes so many different worlds to race in, but now Mario Kart seems to be adding more franchises to it, and Sonic is going the other route.

        Billy Hatcher for me, was THE 3D platforming game on Gamecube, easily being better than Mario Sunshine. It desperately needs a new chance at life with a remake, re-release or sequel.

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  3. Cant wait for a new all stars Racing. I never liked All Stars Racing transformed, with a bunch of characters from SEGA, it genuinely only really fits with Sonic characters like Sonic R and Sonic Drift. But the track design of both All Stars were great. It’s a great alternative to Mario Kart .


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