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A Way Out Developers Explain Why It Isn’t On Nintendo Switch

A Way Out is developed by Hazelight and published by EA. The team recently participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread answering questions from the community. Inevitably talk came up regarding the Nintendo Switch and why Hazelight neglected to launch the game on the popular platform. The team say that they are all fans of the Nintendo Switch, but because the console came out late in the game’s development, the team didn’t focus on it, which is a shame.

“Hazelight say they’re all fans of Nintendo’s Switch but seeing as how the console came out late into development, they didn’t really focus on it. Besides, Fares says that it would require buying extra Pro controllers, which “would be a little unfair to the concept of the Switch.”

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46 thoughts on “A Way Out Developers Explain Why It Isn’t On Nintendo Switch”

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  1. “Buying extra pro controllers?”

    Because using the Joy-Con grip can’t be done…..this is just another in a series of lame excuses from companies with no reason to support the Switch other than they don’t want to.

    1. But you still have to buy a second pair of joycon, selling a co op game like this for a console like switch which is toted as having two controllers Out of the box, but not really, could seem a bit disingenuous, point is it’s not exactly b.s. Reasoning but a port would definitely sell I think

      1. you still have to buy a second controller no matter what platform you play on pc ps xbox or nintendo or a phone or a tablet or anything else YOU STILL NEED A CONTROLLER FOR THE THE PLAYERS


      1. Except they aren’t full of shit because both players need dual analog sticks. Have you not noticed that a single JoyCon has half as many buttons as a pro controller or are you really that bad at observation?

        Let me lay that out for you, a JoyCon has four face buttons, an analog stick, two shoulder buttons, a start or select button, and a button with a system function which gives it 8 buttons and an analog stick. A Pro controller has four face buttons and a directional pad, two analog sticks, two shoulder buttons and two triggers, and start and select buttons which gives it 16 buttons and two analog sticks.

        1. For what it’s worth, I agree that they gave a bs excuse but what I said is still true.

          Just because EA didn’t say it’s a power issue doesn’t mean that isn’t actually the issue.. or it could be that they don’t think it’ll sell. Either reason was deemed unacceptable by you guys in the past so maybe they tried not to say that. We’ve seen split screen multiplayer pretty consistently reduce frame rates and this entire game is split screen multiplayer.

          The creator of this game has also said something to the effect of “EA isn’t makin a penny off this game.” so it’s entirely understandable that they wouldn’t want to port it to platform that requires much more work/money to get it running.

      1. I would have, but this one it’s just unacceptable. Who can’t accept a 3DS is uncapable of running Crysis? Who can accept you have to buy a Pro Controller? If developers tell the truth they get more respected, but they are under a publisher now and it decide what the developer must say.

  2. Does the game require more buttons than a single joy-con provides? This game looks like it would be perfect for that.

      1. Ok then. Needing another controller still shouldn’t be an excuse then as both Joy-Cons together count as one and neither of the other systems include two controllers out of the box either. No matter what system you need to buy a second controller separately.

  3. ea TALK TO US LIKE IDIOTS THEN YOU BUY THERE STUFF does it not ever strike you EA GAME BUYERS OUTTHERE your giving your money to a soulless lying out of touch idiotic company that is SO OUT OF DATE AND TOUCH WITH GAMING it has to keep making up tiotal horse shit

    ea want gambling and addiction consumers NOT GAMERS EA want dualshockers not real gamers embracing real controllers of there era

    EA excuse machine goes back many gens and in every gen there is a lot of made up nonsense and the fact people believe it is seriously SCARY

    there is no law tat says a game requires the strikt useage of 2x joycons in multi player IT DOESNT EXIST EA stop making it up

  4. It’s a shame the game requires too many inputs for a single joycon, because this seems like a perfect game for split-joycon co-op.

  5. No matter what reasoning they give, and no matter how good of a reason it is, some Nintendo fans will lash out regardless out of some delusion that 3rd parties are out to get them & their precious Nintendo. (In the case of EA, they could be right.) BUT some Nintendo fans should learn something called patience as the game might come to Switch at a later point. If you don’t want to wait, well there is only one thing you can do: buy a system that does have the game. Or get it on PC if you have a good gaming PC. If you don’t want to do that either, well sucks for you.

      1. Yes, but in thoses systems theyre giving you a code to give away to some one else to play with you. They could potentially do that for switch, but we dont know if those extra codes are due to Sony and MS having anything to do with it.

          1. Yeah, its all type of odd. We’ll eventually find out exactly why though. I just hope they arent being this way because of EA and their Nintendo-hate agenda.

      2. They gave a good reason: too far into development to focus on a Switch port and wanted to finish the versions they were already nearly done with. I suspect the second controller thing was more of a joke. But some Nintendo fans are so fanatical that joking isn’t allowed. (Much like religious fanatics when it comes to religious jokes.)

  6. Looks like this horsecrap excuse is just them looking for “a way out” of this uncomfortable situation.

  7. The procontroller is a very poor excuse. His comment should have ended with the Switch coming to late into development. I have to pairs of joycon and two pro controllers myself. I realize that most people don’t feel the need to have as many as I do but I feel like plenty of have a pro in addition to their joycon. I sold one of my PS4 controllers because the only local multiplayer game I had for it was Lego Force Awakens. I realize this is my narrow view but most XBOX 1 and PS4 owners I know only own 1 controller. There’s certainly local multiplayer games on both those systems but the pickings are slim compared to the Switch, especially in regards to AAA games.

  8. Just when I thought all the excuses were used up already.
    Leave it to EA lap dog to come up with the creasiest of them all.

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