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As Expected The Sonic Mania Encore DLC Will Be Paid DLC If You Own Original

We heard last week during the Sonic panel at SXSW that Sonic Mania is getting a revised edition which will be available to purchase at retailers this summer. The additional content is titled the Encore pack and will be paid downloadable content if you own Sonic Mania. However, if you purchase Sonic Mania Plus the content is included.

“For all gamers who purchased the original digital version of Sonic Mania on console and PC, an Encore DLC pack will be available for sale to access the new features, with more details to come at a later date.”




  1. Just where exactly is the reveal video anyway, because all I find are nothing but articles. Hell, I found out about this news on this site.

    BTW, this is AManFromDeclan, who can’t log into WordPress on his Wii U browser, and is sick of leaving is bed to go to either a slow lagging Macbook 10.6 or someone else’s Windows 10 in the living room. As for Facebook, some asshole managed to hack my old account and change my email address.

    Why can’t Google be a sign-in option?


    1. Hey, sorry to hear that. Google would be a good way to log-in but this is the default WordPress commenting system. Unfortunately I have no control over the social networks you can log-in with. Not ideal I know.


  2. That title was kinda confusingly worded, haha. I thought something along the lines of “wait, so owners of the original game have to pay for the DLC, while everyone who doesn’t own the original gets it for free?”.


      1. You must have this game mistaken with Sonic Forces, where everything was free.

        The main reason I paid extra for Mania was for the Collector’s Edition. Also, SM+ wasn’t announced or even hinted at back then.

        I wonder if I can buy the extra physical goodies separately somewhere online. Because I already own and beat the game.


  3. It’s good to see here people are welcome to double+ dipping, but are other people really gonna complain about a $20 game getting paid DLC? The game is already pretty cheap as it is, and it’s one of the best Sonic games out there filled with plenty of content. 5-10 more dollars isn’t going to kill anyone, especially for a $20 Sonic game. This is likely including Mighty, Ray and the other extras, but singularly, it’s likely $2 at most Oh, the horror.

    Hell, getting the Plus Edition twice is the price of one normal game.


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