Nintendo Switch

L.A Noire On Nintendo Switch Receives A Meaty Update

The critically acclaimed L. A Noire from Rockstar Games has received a substantial update. The newly released update bumps the game from 14GB to 19GB. It’s not clear what changes the updates brings as there aren’t any patch notes at the moment. As soon as we find out what changes it brings to the crime title then we shall let you know.




  1. It better be something worthwhile if it’s taking up 5 precious gb. I like the game so I’m hoping it’s something cool


  2. The developers of the game are making the Dark Soul remaster for the Switch, maybe they discover new ways to to squish more juice from the Switch as they develop Dark Soul, and decided to implement those performance increases to L.A Noire too.

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    1. LA NORE DOESNT COME CLOSE TO PUSHING THE SWITCH it had far less remaster assets that it can actually do they focied on portable play gyro hd rumble many parts of the game are ps3 level switch is far far more than that



      1. From what we know, it runs at 1440x1080p sometimes and it’s draw distance isn’t as far. That’s still better than PS3, but to act like the Switch can’t be pushed by PS3/X360 ports just isn’t true. Just look at Bayonetta running at 720p60 on the Switch. Even on paper, some of the specs between the systems are similar. The Switch barely has more bandwidth and texel fill rate is nearly identical to and might be lower than the PS3.


      2. I’d recommend watching the Digital Foundry video comparing the Switch version to PS3 and PS4. There’s a lot in there that wouldn’t have run on the PS3.


  3. I loved this game, but there’s something that bothers me and It’s that I don’t think It was considered a sucess for Rockstar. It must have been expensive to produce, It’s not that appealing for the averange consumer, so I imagine It didn’t perform as expected. My point is: I would love a LA Noire 2, but I can’t imagine that this is going to happen. Anyone knows about the sales or possibilities for sequels?


  4. I bought this a while back when it was on sale, but haven’t even touched it yet. Hopefully my procrastination pays off in that this update improves the game significantly.


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