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Nikkei: “According To One Estimate, Switch Global Sales Will Reach At Least 200 Million Units”

Nikkei posted a new article about the huge turnaround that Nintendo has had because of the Switch‘s success. In fact, Nikkei is reporting that Nintendo now “ranks as the most heavily traded stock in the Tokyo market over the past year”. The company’s stock prices have “more than doubled since the release of the Switch”. Everyone that contributes to the Switch, no matter how small that contribution is, has seen an increase in shares. For example, Third-party publisher Capcom “hit a 17-year high Monday on strong earnings and growing hopes tied to planned titles for the Switch”. But that’s not all.

Even outside suppliers have had success. Nikkei says that “Nintendo buys fewer parts from outside suppliers than Apple, yet is influential enough to lift profits at some electronic parts developers. Shares have skyrocketed 62% for Minebea Mitsumi since the debut of the Switch, as the company is thought to build the device. Hosiden, which also assembles the Switch, and supplier MegaChips have surged more than 30% each”.

As for what the Switch’s future holds, that resulted in Nikkei’s most shocking news. Hideki Yasuda at Ace Research Institute says that “It is highly possible that the company earns a record profit in fiscal 2019”. Nikkei is also reporting that “Global sales will reach at least 200 million units, about twice as many as for the Wii, according to one estimate. Nintendo sees its operating profit more than quintupling to 160 billion yen this fiscal year”.


37 thoughts on “Nikkei: “According To One Estimate, Switch Global Sales Will Reach At Least 200 Million Units””

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||You must kneel and surrender your entire life is we reach those numbers…||

          1. More like create drama to earn more subscribers for the youtube partnership thing, don’t believe in those drama cows

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

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          ||Now if only these weak loudmouthed Nintendites would do the same and leave Nintendo so that only the strong and superior are left, that would be even better…||

          1. You know, it’s ironic how they cry about getting attacked when they use to attack people who don’t like what they do, that’s funny

            1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

              ||Speaking of primitive lifeforms, see if you can find something amusing about the subject Michael Ponder Jr, its cerebro is just too primitive…||

              1. That’s the guy who complained about you on mynintendonews’ facebook!

                You already have his facebook profile, you can do wonders with that.

                Here’s a tip, if someone ever tells you that they found you with your IP, don’t believe it, it is bullcrap.

              2. I shared ponder’s profile to some of my friends and one of them found something funny: He looks like cult Mexican actor Edgar Vivar.

                My friend shared me some videos of him as his most popular character called “senor barriga” and other called “botija” the last one indeed looks like ponder, those bids are from the 70’s and your vessel will laugh thinking about ponder while watching those.

                  1. Yeah, senor barriga is Mr. Belly in Spanish. My friend is from Brazil and that show is very popular in Latin America, i don’t understand Spanish at all so i can’t get the jokes but thinking about commie’s friend make me laugh the crap out of me.

      1. Loki: “Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? Its the unspoken truth of gaming. That you crave subjugation, the bright lure of graphics diminishes your life’s joy in a mad scamble for power. For identity. Your were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel”

        Thanos: “When I’m done, half of gaming will still exist. Perfectly balanced. As all things should be. I hope they remember you. *Sony*”

        You should start quoting stuff from MCU Lord Spider Slayer. :)

      2. Fuck that. I wasted way too much of my life on Nintendo as it is. They could hit 500m & I STILL wouldn’t return to that crap. I’ll still buy their stuff (if they do what I like) but that’s as far as my “loyalty” goes.

    2. I bet Sony is pissing their pants again hearing this. The thought of the Switching potentially beating the PS2 world record is really rattling isn’t it? XD

      1. Doubtful. PS2 & DS systems didn’t hit those numbers til after Sony & Nintendo left them in the dust to support their new systems & it was only because the systems weren’t discontinued & were still being bought by people as the systems kept getting made. Wii, PS3, & XB360 only hit their numbers because motion controls were a fad among casuals. This gen has shown gamers only range around 50-80m and that’s like maybe 25% of the human population (maybe less.) I doubt China will make as big of an impact as many of you think. They still got plenty of cheaper alternatives to choose from. They might boost sales by 30m at best. (I could be wrong but I’ll keep my realist stance on the matter.)

  1. WOW….They’re basically saying that the Switch will become the best selling gaming system ever. I’m guessing that they are assuming that there will many Switch revisions and iterations of Pokémon titles coming to the system and that 3rd parties will start bringing their top tier titles as well. 200 million units sold would be astounding but I don’t know if the Switch could achieve that….even given as great as it’s been selling. 110-120+ million sold lifetime would be a safer bet but if the Switch reaches 200 million sold??? WOW….just….WOW!!!

    1. You’re right, it would take quite a bit to top the DS (the highest confirmed number as PS2’s numbers are only estimates since only Sony knows and the last number they officially reported was 150 million exactly), and even then, it took multiple models to reach 154 million. The only, and I mean ONLY way this tops 200 is if they finally use it to replace the 3DS, because the handheld market right now is fragmented with mobile, Switch, and 3DS all vying for players to play on the go.

  2. A very bold prediction. Right now I’m hesitant to say it’ll even reach PS2 and DS let alone 50 million more. I’m thinking it’ll at least reach the Wii if it keeps its current momentum.

    1. If Pokemon Gen 8 follow with Monster Hunter, GTA5, Smash 5, Prime 4, Pikmin 4, legit Paper Mario and maybe CoD Modern Warfare 1/2 remastered, the Switch will fuck the competition without even being directly competing. It’s insane. X3

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    1. The DS nearly did and many thought the PSP would destroy the DS in 2005. NOPE! XD I see the Switch has a chance to make it if it releases many more heavy hitters among 1st/3rd parties and maybe see a China release, it’s gonna be a mega shitstorm for Sony and it’s Ponies. XD

  4. And every time Nintendo releases a new revised version of the Switch I will be buying it every time, just as long as Nintendo stop the eshop from becoming as cluttered as Steam and they don’t go the microtransaction route like Sony and microsoft seem to be going. As long as Nintendo doesn’t try to fuck me over like the rest of these companies try to do and keep making content filled quality games they will always get my support, Sony on the other hand may lose my support if they do what I know their going to do on for their next generation system.

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