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Nintendo Explains The Nintendo Switch eShop’s Initial Limitations

Kotaku has published a lengthy but informative interview with Damon Baker, Nintendo of America’s senior manager of publisher and developer relations. One thing that Baker touches on is the fact that the Nintendo Switch eShop was initially built as a place to go to straight away to buy a game you already knew you wanted. Now Nintendo knows that’s not the only reason people visit it as they want to learn more details about the vast number of games on offer. They are looking to continue to make changes to the eShop to reflect that.

“I mean, full transparency, the eShop was always intended to be a transactional destination, versus a merchandising destination. From the very beginning. But as we’ve populated it with more and more content, I mean, it’s our responsibility to acknowledge that and help find ways to improve visibility and discoverability both on device and off-device. So I think the fact that the company is listening to that, that there are steps being taken—and that’s been in motion already.”

“In the eShop, on top of the news channel improvements there, being able to add areas like Games On Sale and Best-Sellers List, these other ways of categorizing titles that our partners can take advantage of. But there will be continued improvements on that as well, to make sure that we can ensure that our consumers and our fans can actually find the content that is relevant to them.”


24 thoughts on “Nintendo Explains The Nintendo Switch eShop’s Initial Limitations”

    1. Best shop theme ever and I don’t care if it’s not new. It’s a classic tune to hear. Either that or the first or third eshop theme from the 3DS.

      1. I think the developers of titles available on the eShop determine how much off they want to charge for a title, let alone if at all. You wouldn’t want to sell your game for 50% off after only being released for a month, would you?

  1. The best way to implement eShop is to simplify and organize the experience while also bridging the gap through mobile by offering an application for faster, seamless access and transactions in case you may not have the console with you at times.

      1. My father’s house that I was living in burned down back in January. It’s most likely a pile of ash now (I can’t confirm or deny that as a possibility since I never found it.) The only things I managed to save before the house burned down was my PS4, external HDD for PS4, laptop, & n3ds since they were in plain sight (hence why I lost my Switch as I couldn’t see it so forgot to grab it; the irony is I had my Switch pushed back under my TV on my TV stand to keep my son from spilling stuff on top of the Switch & it’s dock to protect it from damage/destruction which is ultimately what got it destroyed.) I had a few things (like all but 3 of my amiibo) down at the trailer at the bottom of our land’s hill that my wife bought for me, her, & our son earlier last year with her tax refund. No human lives were lost; we did lose 3 fully grown dogs & 12 puppies, sadly. That about sums it up.

        1. If this is real: wow, sorry to hear something that tragic happend to you and your loved ones.
          But the puppy-part made it sound like a joke. I’m confused. Might be that I’m not picking something up since I’m Norwegian.

          1. I don’t get how the puppy part makes it a joke. (I guess dead puppy jokes are a huge thing somewhere in the world & that’s why I don’t get it; didn’t know dead baby jokes were a thing til like 5-8 years ago, either, so it’s possible I missed something.) Anyway, one of our dogs had some puppies like 2 or 3 days prior to the fire.

            1. Dead babies? Wtf? Never ever heard of.
              Nah, dead puppies was more like it sounded a bit over the top, so I had a hard time to understand if it all was a joke or not.

              1. No insurance but the town we live just outside of has been very supportive. One guy even gave my dad a trailer for him and my 2 brothers to move in to; they’ve been living with us since the fire since we did live with them for over 5 years as it only seemed right we let them stay with us til the community can get my dad’s new trailer over here. (The reason it hasn’t been moved sooner is because it’s been raining practically nonstop since late December/early January (fire happened early January) & the trailer was essentially trapped in a muddy field.) Have gotten tons of other things from the community, too, but the trailer is the big one that really saved us a lot of trouble & heart ache.

                Yeah, I guess the puppies part would give a few people the impression it was over the top. I’ve only had one other person think I was making this up but he straight out called me a liar (and didn’t give me the benefit of the doubt that I might have been telling the truth like you at least did) since I was using it to prove a point about material objects, like video games & video game consoles, were just pieces of junk at the end of the day that you can easily replace (not unlike a lost life) and that no one should go too far out of their way to defend material objects. (It was over Sonic Forces as he was upset I called it a piece of junk; you know how some of these… fans get when it’s something they really, really, REALLY like.) I now have to wonder if it’s the puppy part that triggered him to call me a liar.

                1. Some people lives in a delusion. They got perfectly fine lives with nice parents, enough money and good friends; and nothing bad ever happened to them and therefore they won’t belive stories like yours.

                  Here in Norway “everyone” is so naive and happy-go-lucky. Norwegians don’t think a bad though about anyone (Native Norwegians anyway). When I told people here me and my brother were kidnapped around 20 years ago, absolutely no one believed us, because “stuff like that don’t happen”.
                  This goes for little things as well, like “That store is scamming you” and so on. “No one is that cruel. Only honest people can run a store”.

                  It’s good to hear you have a strong mentality about this horrible scenario. Do you guys have a donation site? Like Patreon or PayPal?

                  1. We were given a 1k of Red Cross money & someone started a fund at one of the small banks in our town (no clue how much is in the bank.) For about 2 weeks, people paid for a hotel room for us til my dad could fix my trailer up a little & so it could be furnished since we only had a fridge, stove, a deep freezer, a dish washer, and a washer & dryer inside. (Trailer still needs a little work but we’ll get there.)

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||Question: How did you manage to salvage Sonyan machines but not your puppies?…||

  2. While I do miss having a shop theme, the lack of music does fit the minimalistic approach of the system menus. Perhaps when themes and other customization options are made available, the user can decide whether or not there’s music.

  3. To fix all of our music problems, nintendo could just add a music on/off option. Give us the Wii, 3DS, Wii U, and a new theme, or just let us turn it off. Same for the home menu too

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