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Here’s Link And Linkle In Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud For Nintendo Switch

The latest edition of Weekly Famitsu has provided gamers with a look at Link and Linkle in Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud for the Nintendo Switch. Both characters get costumes based on the acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.





  1. SMH.

    Why does Linkle get a BOTW outfit when she wasn’t even in BOTW. Correct me if I’m wrong but she is not the female version of Link in Hyrule Warriors. “During the development of Hyrule Warriors, Linkle was originally designed as a female version of Link. She was also proposed to be Link’s little sister, but the idea was scrapped due to Eiji Aonuma not wanting her to conflict with Aryll, Link’s sister in The Wind Waker. ” Zelda Wiki. 2018. Linkle. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 13 January 2018].

    I don’t have a problem with Linkle as a character. But my question why are we still trying to maker a female version of Link when Aonuma himself said: NO.

    I would love a female version of Link. Either a “Pick your gender” as the start of the game or just a female version. But if that does happen are we going to get a male Zelda? Just curious.

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  2. That’s not actually Linkle; PSO2 often adds costumes designed for one gender for both, ESPECIALLY those from collaborations. The costume is just called “Champion’s Tunic M” or “Champion’s Tunic F”

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  3. As off looking as the male face goes with the outfit, it isn’t any worse than the Hyrule Warriors Link that’s always looked wrong to me. Whether it’s Linkle or not, female one all the way. Too bad there’s no localized release.


      1. i love pso on the cube i play it with my university group heck they could even port that but change it little graphic wise and that game would print money.


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